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 * Planning process overview
 * Meeting on Aug 2 & 3
 * Status of work
 * Status of modeller engagement


 * Planning process overview

Action (John): need to get Jeff set up on Confluence and Jira

 * Meeting on Aug 2 & 3

Rita Bauer ( doing logistics

- Jeff will be at Hyatt Regency, as will Rich
- we can reimburse Rich
- mail suggests some of us will be at Heldrich, 3 blocks from Hyatt

AUGUST 2 (0900)

Attendees: Chris, Rich, John G, Matt, John W, Jeff DLB

CI team would like to bring additional data management person (Elena Y), will confirm when definite

(90) Review of existing John Wilkin workflow and corresponding strategies
   - includes data products we will be working with/integrating into OOI distribution network
   - understand how these products will be integrated into John's model
(15) Collect information on future modelers to be engaged (and status)
(15) Review collaboration and documentation strategies/process to identify potential improvements
(180) Create an initial plan (tasks) for coming iterations (thru May delivery)


Attendees: Chris, Rich, John G, Matt, John W, Jeff, Elena?

(40) Introduction to related OOI CI elements
   - use cases (Product Description)
   - architecture of system
   - development processes (spiral model and schedule, task identification, work reporting)
   - major reviews and goals for those reviews (particularly upcoming Life Cycle Architecture review)
(20) Present the agreed IOOS/OOI plan
(15) Present the related tasks planned for this iteration of OOI CI (all subsystems, not just External Observatory Integration

(180) Review of existing John Wilkin future directions
  - overview of how data is used in the model (exciting what Rutgers is doing)
  - sit in the lab at the ocean modelling group
(30) Discuss conclusions from yesterday's workflow review

(45) Review plans that were created Monday in context of IOOS plans and activities
   - hopes to take advantages of externalizing activities of IOOS (e.g., with OGC and DIF), though that will come forward in second year
(15) Discuss timetable for integrating additional modelers

(30) Review and finalize iteration task planning

(20) Revisit expectations for LCA, update as needed

 * Status of work

- Began addressing interfacing between OOI-CI System and the Java Capability Container.
    -Issues have arrisen with regards to the ability to properly deconstruct/reconstruct datasets to and from the dap streams (.das, .dds, .dods) expected by OOI-CI messaging at this point.
    - Streams generated by the Java CC cannot properly be reconstructed inside OOI-CI and vice versa.
    - It is my understanding at this time that the use of the dap streams is a "prototype" that is currently being used for testing of the system rather than as the "end solution".
    - The "end solution" is still open, however it has been suggested that encoding and streaming the complete CDM objects could be a valid solution.
    - These issues should be addressed during the August Rutgers meeting and should include David S. via telephone.
- Started compilation of processing capabilities required for transforming/analyzing data (theoretical/conceptual approach)

 * Status of modeller engagement has list of modellers

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