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EOI Biweekly Meeting
September 3, 2010


  • Chris Mueller
  • John Graybeal
  • Jeff DLB
  • Rich Signell



IOOS/OOI-CI Collaboration Diagram
looks correct as it stands - missing some details, but most of the big points are there.
jeff - doesn't name non-ioos sources and what services they may offer
john - ioos sources are "exemplars" rather than definitive sources
maybe delete the names for those
rich - add NODC
jeff - originally said "NDBC weather" under the first, and "NDBC HF Radar" under the other
john - title doesn't reflect the publication of the Wilkin (and other) models back into the OOI-CI
? double sided arrow between the two ?  separate slide?
john - no "user" on the diagram
john - any reason it "flows" bottom to top?
    jeff - yes, because the data sources usually go at the bottom!
IOOS Catalog - potential metadata pathway and storage -> 
jeff - is there an arrow that goes into OOI-CI?  how will OOI know what data IOOS has available?
    1. "ask" IOOS and keep an internal record
    2. utilize the IOOS catalog to dynamically "know" what IOOS has
suggest catalog be dotted to represent (a) right now its usage is manual, (b) automated use will be future
OOI-CI could add value by providing a way of notifying when the IOOS Catalog changes - publish a "diff" about the catalog

UX Introduction
The UX team has been talking to R1 customers of the OOI-CI to determine what they expect the system to be able to do for them - collecting user expectations & requirements

Possibly a call next week with Susanne, Rich, Chris, Jeff? to get a better understanding of what the team is doing, how it affects us, and what we need to do

EOI Task List

Elaboration phase ends at end of year, hope to have JW's functionality running with OOI by then (involves whole cycle)
pretty ambitious, but we think doable -- nice demonstration of what we're after
during same period, engaging other modelers and collecting their data sources into our list
after Elaboration will repeat process for those groups, by end of Release 1
focusing on 3 modelers this release, to do those well
some GTS data sets available from IOOS ... we're switching out 1 for 1 at first (current state), then go for the improvement fork
  but will substitute sources for 'current state' if they are already available, or can easily be made available
  we'd like help from Rich and Jeff to trace provenance/find better sources
Rutgers Documents:

Detailed Rutgers Sources:

gliders XBTs something John's getting from AOML
RIch: lead the coordination of data sources list(s), use/expand the Detailed Rutgers Sources list

Regarding task "Development of Ingestion Agents": ERDDAP can ingest IOOS SOS and translate to CDM. Talk to Roy Mendelssohn and Bob Simons.


Talk to Matt about possibility of MBARI working on Matlab user interface (aka toolkit)


Jeff: if IOOS catalog could be enhanced to help OOI CI, for example adding subscriptions, the only issue is ability to pay for time (Eric Bridger)
geonetwork being used on Ted Habermann side

Jeff: heard about METOC data from Navy via Arrott/Orcutt?  be sure NCDDC doesn't get cut out. Rich: Scott Cross done a lot of work on this -- on some level this is done, so a pathway exists already.

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