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September 17, 2010


  • Chris Mueller
  • Charles Alexander
  • Rich Signell
  • Jeff DLB
  • Matthew Arrott


  • What is Zdenka presenting in the panel on interoperability
  • Schedule: a list of major remaining task for the use case and when they are expected to be completed
  • Notional schedule for framing a second IOOS use case (schedule assumed is: Oct-Dec: discussion of critieria and candidates, Jan-Mar: selection and planning, April-Sept execution)
  • OOI and Navy CNMOC - (Roy Ladner, John Lever) we have some on-going connection to CNMOC and (obviously) to you/OOI - perhaps this will emerge in discussions about a second use case?


Chris and Matt will produce a concise timeline for activities approaching the completion of the first use case by May

Subsequent Use Cases
Charly - suggest email discussion to frame second use case in the near term
Ideas scoped between now and January
Frame in executable terms to be ready to roll by the end of Release 1
Matt & John are working out the process of design/development
Document will be produced similar to what Arthur made, but this time from OOI

Remember Scott Cross when dealing with NAVY stuff

Matt - @ O&M meeting - Chung-Chu Teng - Cheif of the Observing System Branch of NDBC - showed interest in connecting to the buoy data system - nature of the discussion around QAQC and data holdings

Matt - Engage the next two modelers.  Need to coordinate discussions with the modelers between ourselves and UX.

Data Sources Spreadsheet:

Release 1 Elaboration Scoping

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