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October 1, 2010


  • Chris
  • Charly
  • Matthew
  • Jeff


  • Overview of last month of activitiy
  • EOI Task Status Report
  • Discuss milestone document
  • Scheduling discussions on next phase

AI - Chris - Generate set of milestones between here and R1 (May 2011): reference document from Charly

AI - Charly - Discussion point with Rich - Should we add a second modeler from the modeling testbed project? Matthew thinks it a good idea.

AI - Chris - Come up with weekly call schedule with Rich, Chris, John G & Matthew

Milestones: develop reasonable "high-level" milestone list - Charly will provide example
Loose scheduling of next phase and where intersection point(s) are. General goal of agreement of what will be done together by ~Christmas...Jan/Feb/March layout in detail....After release 1 agree on execution

Face-2-face meeting the week of November 1st in either Providence or Washington D.C. **Jeff on leave beginning of week of Oct 25th and then a climate review at the end of that week.
**Chris not available on November 5th

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