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October 25, 2010


  • Rich Signell
  • Chris Mueller
  • Tim LaRocque
  • Matthew Arrott


  • Introductions (for Tim)
  • Travel (UCSD / IOOS)
  • Status of tasks
  • Dataset Research

Dataset Research:
Rich: Sees a great opportunity - lots of disconnect in the oceanographic community - difficult to reliably get data from even the most prominant sources such as NAVY.
NRL is not supposed to be viewed as operational, so they aren't interested in putting a server infront of their data, it needs to go through NAVOCEANO.
Researchers on the other hand, want to have access to the most recent "beta" data.
Rutgers is currently getting their data through a "personal" FTP site - this doesn't seem like a good way for the community as a whole to get it's data.

Ocean Nomads server - has OPeNDAP access. Maintainers are supportive of changes (CF, new datasets, etc). Also not supposed to be used operationally.
Matthew - why are we using the term operational?
Rich - reliability is a problem - may also meet some resistance from NOAA when they say "why aren't you getting this from NAVO, NWS?"

Answer - they don't necessarily provide it (i.e. NAVO)

NAVY/NOAA is supposed to have National Unified Ocean Predictive Capability. Presumably they could put these products on the LDM and OOI could consume them from their own LDM feed.

For common infrastructure between IOOS and OOICI, a memorandum between NOAA and NSF is required. Due primarily to awqward wording of the statement and additional work required to share the infrastructure.

2 things - Current & Future
1) Get the data - make sure we can get the data however John gets it currently.
2) As we begin to integrate more official channels, we can deal with the political issues of where "best" to get data.

End Game - when someone puts data on LDM, they put it on OOI as well. This does NOT mean OOI hosts its own LDM - it means that the same person adding the data to the LDM ALSO adds it to OOI (no LDM inbetween)

It is the Producer's responsibility to determine who will have access to their data.

Matthew met the CIO of UHawaii and he was very interested in facilitating this work. So we have support from that end.

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