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October 29, 2010


  • Chris
  • Charly
  • Jeff
  • Rich
  • Matthew
  • John


  • EOI Task Status Report
  • Review OOICI/IOOS Milestones Document
  • Plan for next week


Rich - spoke with Brian Powell. Previously Jack Harlan wasn't sure about having radial data available. This has changed somewhat due to an understanding of the community structure and use patterns. Brian indicated that he would be excited to get aggregated radial data from an opendap server (he currently gets matlab files once for each time from an ftp site). Rich said he would write the converter to NetCDF which they could then drop into the processing chain and start providing the radial data via the national HRFADAR opendap server. Should be a straightforward thing to bring together. There will not be much in the way of expectations (i.e. not much explanation or support) - but it would be available.

Jeff - Would the changes also be applied to the NDBC HFRADAR source? Probably not initially - but down the road yes.

Rich - Researchers/modelers want the rawest data possible. This is "new" to the National Server which is used to providing "bulletproof" gridded vector data for Coast Guard, NOAA ORR, etc.

Charly - Is Brian the only one of the three modelers who is interested in the radials? John is currently using the gridded data, but only because he's found it too hard to get the radial data - if the radial data was available, he would use it.

Matthew - It is important that we don't step infront of the national network - we need to work with them so that it's done properly. To show a strategy to the national network, we work with one of the providers to get the data onto the OOI network.
So in this instance we go directly to the source in Hawaii and get him to push the radial data to the OOI network - then we can use this to show to the national network a proof of concept. Deferrs the political games somewhat.

Charly - would it be worth it to have one/more of the customers on these calls periodically? Rich - feels that so far it has been useful to have focused one-on-one with the modelers and then bring any issues to this group - we talk about a lot of things that they wouldn't be interested in.

River Data:
Should speak with Nate Booth about the landscape of USGS water data services and where they're going. Hydrology Domain Working Group - doing interoperability experiments and may welcome an additional customer to help scope/choose the experiments. WaterML 2.0 - goal is to bring this to OGC

Next Week:
Charly will be in SD next Wednesday to discuss some longer-term things with Matthew. By the time OOICI hits Release 1, this group will have come to some concensus as to what will be done for a second use case.

(off-topic) John requests a pointer to the most recent Data Management plans/documents from IOOS

Shooting for January 4&5 for a meeting with Roy, Brian, and others

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