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November 1, 2010


  • Rich Signell
  • Chris Mueller
  • Tim LaRocque
  • Matthew Arrott

HFRADAR update - Eric Terrell said "let's not do anything on distributing the radial data until the HFRADAR meeting in mid-november" – Mark Otero said he saw no reason not to start providing the ASCII radial data "privately" right away, to get started working on a NetCDF converter.

Any issue with OOI redistributing the data? Subject not really touched upon.
We will assure the HF RADAR community that we will NOT be distributing data more widely than they are comfortable with (OOI will eventually allow the capability to

Rich will try to finalize a time for OOI-EOI meeting in CA in either Mid December or early January

EOI LCA is targeted for the week of December 13th

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