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November 8, 2010
No participants - closed webex @ 11:55 ET
from ASA

Work on agents is progressing nicely. Status updates can be found here:

Work developing the agent interface continues. The interface will be implemented as closely as possible to the agent interface being developed by IPAA.

Discussions related to how to launch/manage the Java Agent Processes has been ongoing. It was determined on Thursday in a call with Stephen P that some modifications to the ioncore-java library will likely be needed. We concluded that EOI is the only group actively using the library, so changes can be made as needed without impacting others.

We have started implementing the "Dispatcher" - a python process (or set of processes) that receive notification from the OOI Exchange and perform an action on the local machine in response to the notification.

Had a long conversation with Eric Terrill, and eventually agreed that we should try making only the radial data from UHAWAII available on the National Server at UCSD, because of sensitivities providers to making the raw data available. I then talked to Brian Powell, who shared the same concerns about asking the providers if the radial data could go through the National Server. In the end, we decided to shelve this idea for now, since Brian is the only one currently assimilating HF Radar data and he has a special arrangement with Pierre Flament that works for him. We can tackle this one later.

Jim Potemra got back from vacation and pointed out that he is already serving the HF Radial data via OpenDAP, both aggregated and individual files at

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