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November 22, 2010


  • Chris Mueller
  • Tim LaRocque
  • Rich Signell

Rich at NOAA integration last week.
Discussing SOS for Profile data: Service provides flat-file (ODB) for integration with other spread sheet programs. Internally we would like to use the type Unidate is suggesting.

Chris: Profile written separately, unless Glider (NWS Bouy).

Rich: Moving forward with testing of GI CAT ?? - for catalog scanning/crawling

Chris: Not providing interface to catalog services - provided by other components of the system.

Rich: Radial data - didnt have angle and range dimensionality. Data parts (record) must be recognized before hand and pulled piece-by-piece.

Chris: Isn't data from Hawaii cell-based? (HFRADAR)

Rich: Radial data: substantial amount of data...

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