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November 29, 2010


  • Chris
  • Rich

Followup on Radial
Rich - spoke with John C, the convention they use for radial don't have dimensions for angle, range, & bearing. Weather radar's perform irregular sweeps (may go "back" and cover an area more than once before continuing on) which result in ragged arrays.

Rich - will visit NDBC to address issues with NetCDF conventions for profile collections, glider trajectories, and HF Radar radials.

Might be nice to expose code that generates NetCDF files with different conventions on publically accessible OOI-CI repository. This is planned for this week. The repository is open-source, so as soon as the code is pushed we can announce the location.

May be some intersection between NOAA and OOI - NOAA data integration group is interested in exploring point data of various kinds - looking at delivering different kinds of point as a netcdf payload.

OOI-CI needs to announce the EOIteam face-to-face meeting in Monterey, Jan 5-6. Roy Mendelsohn, who has agreed to host the meeting, is asking what the agenda is! Chris will address this during one of the calls with Matthew today or tomorrow.

EOI Update (from email sent on 11/24):
EOI Task Status:

We have started preparations for the upcoming EOI LCA which is tentatively planned as a WebEx on the 13th of December - probably looking at ~2 hours total. Details are still being worked out and formal notification will be distributed as soon as possible.

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