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December 6, 2010


  • Chris
  • Rich

Rich: Should I really go ahead and try to set up a OOI-CI Modeling Advisory Group (aka Advanced Data Model Geometries Group), with David Ham (Imperial College), Bert Jagers (Deltares), Bill Howe (UWASHINGTON), and possibly Chris Barker (NOAA/ERR)?

Chris Barker just received some funding for unstructured grid standard development work for the NOAA GNOME oil-spill tracking and prediction program.

Kyle Wilcox at ASA is working on adding unstructured grid support into NetCDF-Java using a simplified data model, based on Bert Jagers work at

AI: Rich will send a sample of the UHAWAII radial netcdf files to John Caron (minus the "z" dimension) and John will add to the RADIAL featureType, as they currently don't support dimensions of angle and range (but realize they should).

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