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December 10, 2010


  • Chris
  • Tim L.
  • Charly
  • Rich
  • Matthew


  • Quick EOI Status Update
  • California Update

CA Trip - both Jeff and Charly are currently planning to attend, are both of them necessary?
Matt: main point is to replicate what was done @ Rutgers during the summer. To understand their needs, processes and how we integrate. Not required that both be there, but would be great.
Charly: If there's time to ... Otherwise, just one (probably Jeff) would be sufficient.
Matt: This could be done but dilutes direct purpose of the meeting
Charly: that's fine - just Jeff then.
Matt: Agenda is 2 days. First day focused on Brian. Second half of second day focused on reviewing ERDDAP to determine whether we will bring it into the OOI
Charly: Rich, Chris is this consistent with our understanding?
Chris: Yep. (Chris will send John G a reminder re Agenda for meeting)
Charly: Will orchestrate a call into the meeting for the ERDDAP portion of the meeting through Chris and Roy. Chris, unless there is something specific in the milestones, does this cover everything for the call.
Chris: Only thing we are currently on is getting ready for LCA, prep for construction and getting proto ready.
Charly: Previously suggested to Matt we need a demo.
Chris: This isn't the kind of demo that could be shown during that sort of presentation. Its simply a set of terminals showing functionality.

Matt: Developed visualization pipeline for [?]. This is a good direction for remaining models.

Matt: the notion of a geospacial index has arisen. We need to have a good understanding of our technology options. Rich may be a good contact to facilitate this with USGS.
Rich: Many ppl are working to enable this from distributed [...] Looking at GI Cats[?]
Matt: This is more like Rtrees, et al for developing Geospacial index. Ex: if I'm interested in X region how are we attaining this info.
Chris: David and others had metioned use of C-squares
Matt: Work is being done this way so datasets can be registered against one GS index.
Matt: Mapping data must be this? way.
Rich: we also had a contact at google maps. may be a good contact for this
Matt: [Has 60 days or so to work through this issue.]
Charly: Report generated at NOAA (Tony Lavoi) may also be a good contact.

Rich: Move forward on model advisory group?
Matt: No. Also: will be in London 20/21st.
Rich: Will Message Tony and CC Matt. For intro.
Charly: Chatted with Eoin: we want to better understand CI work with model testbed and what leverage points may be. Eoin said we should talk about this.

Next Discussion:
Charly/Chris, will find a day to meetup before/around Jan, 7th to catchup. Meetings and travel are the considerations for moving this date around.

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