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December 20, 2010


  • Chris
  • Rich
  • Tim LaRocque


Chris spoke to Charley -- regarding setting up a meeting before vacation.  Still unresolved.

Rich will confirm with Rutgers whether data from server is okay for OBCs instead of the custom FTP site at NRL that they are currently using.   The only issue is whether they are okay with the additional 4-5 hour delay from  

Rich: HYCOM is only running 1-day forecast.  Data may only be produced daily (analysis?).  (Rich will to check into this). Need may not be critical.

Rich may also work with John Caron to look into how server is setup to make it more robust.  Issues regarding speed and access to metadata, etc.

Chris: Can you add pertinent info to confluence page for Data Products?

Chris: Some of the information may also be out of date there. Feel free to update at will.
Rich: Sure

Chris: LCA went well.. Friday call ironed out some details.  Some related to syntactical concerns as well as making some ideas/documentation more robust.

[quick recap on LCA review]

Long story short, the group touched on findings and OKed the move to construction.

Construction will consist of 3 iterations:
1@6 week  & 2@8 week

    Jan meeting with Brian (UHawaii)
    Late Jan early Feb to meet with both modeling groups

Rich: We should discuss purpose of third user (client). specifically, knowing what we do about prevous datasets what can we learn from this third group.  -- Involve Matthew.

Chris: Lets plan on making this a convo when we get to california.  Good to get this done before next iteration (Feb 11).  Need to figure out req capabilities.

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