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January 24, 2010


  • Timothy LaRocque
  • Chris Mueller
  • John Graybeal
  • Rich Signell

Action Items

  • NFRA meeting Feb 4th @ 2pm EST (call-in)
  • Chris and Rich to attend. Meetup prior-to to discuss agenda
  • Chris to pull together slides to introduce the project
  • Find out if [they] would nominate any other datastream as being valuable to the committee
  • Get conversation started with Navy (Frank Bubb) finding out what they would like to see without making any commitments
  • Speak with Frank Bubb and make clear that this is a very exploratory process; we don't expect this to come to any technical product/result.

Current Status: Chris – Refactoring agent architecture. Updating against changes to core. Tim – working on subtasks.
Potentially switching to working with Frank Bubb. (This is in Jeff's court right now.)
Chris: Is this ideal?
John: Little surprised: what else could Jeff do to 'start the conversation' other than letting Frank know he will be contacted on this? Suggests that someone 'close the loop' with Jeff and just get things started.

Rich: Navy has tremendous amounts of model output, not exacly being delivered and therefore could benefit from some distribution mechanism like OOICI. Centralizing the data access would be a benefit as well. There are also political implications.
Chris: Issues seem more political rather than technical.
Rich: This may not be a reason not to start, but we can't necessarily promise delivery without clarifying current understandings.

Rich: Original thought we would pick one individual (Rob Hetland), many of these datasources are already being handled. Why not notify the rest of the modeling comunity? We may be viewed as having interop with (ex) ROMS data, but this is not the whole case, and should not be the foregoing message

Chris: Something was mixed in translation to Charley. He may have been under the impression that we were doing a lot more with the community than we actually are. We should be pushing more of these decisions through him.

Rich: Doesnt see any problems approaching the community in an informal way.

[NFRA meeting] Feb 4th @ 2pm EST

John: Do we use this opportunity to ask them if they would nominate any other datastreams as valuable to the communittee? Thinks it would be useful to do this in an interactive way. Rich: Agreed. John: Chris?

Chris: John, does this satisfy our need for R1?
John: Huge upside + huge downside... Lot of different roles where Frank Bubb could be a participant. We could use him as validation case on a particular approach even if we don't incorporate his workflow. It would be interesting to treat him as a potential customer even if this is as far as it goes.

Rich: Navy least agile to incorporate. Some things may not implement well. (problems with certification, etc) Little worried that we might have something for them, but they may not "get to it" for too long a time.
Chris: ASA has worked with Navy for a while.. things move slow. It could take months just to get a meeting together to chat on what we will do. Where we put this may also be potentially unreliable.
Jonn: Chris, no considerations mentioned in IOOS meet?
Chris: ASA connection is strong but there is a lot of 'red tape'. Having the group steam over it for a little was also beneficial.
Rich: Seems like a risky investment. May pay off down the road.
Chris: [in IOOS meet] Thought this would be good because access to Navy data is currently poor. Though I'm not sure this can happen for R1. We may only be able to get the ball rolling for this release.
John: Still seems useful to start the process
1) We can learn a large percent of the issues and need to know info going forward with early conversations.
Chris: We are in the exploratory stages at this point. Navy is a very differnt kind of user, than our previous modelers.
Rich: Agrees that we should get the convo started to get the ball rolling, and start understanding what sort of technical, but more importantly political considerations need to be made.
John: Propose to send email: pending the previous discussion, we should find out what Navy would like to see without implying any commitment. Also, in our initial conversations with Frank Bubb we make clear that this is a very exploratory process; we don't expect this to come to any technical product/result.
Rich: Who will make this contact with Frank?
John: Wiki says Jeff. By posing the aforementioned question a hold may be placed on this.
Jeff: Seems Charley is largely interested in Navy data.

Frank is in Stennis...

Chris: Who to Draft email?
John: John will take it.
Rich: Chris, are you in for NFRA meeting Feb 4th @ 2pm EST
Rich: You may also want to introduce the project with a few slides
Chris: We can also meetup to discuss agenda for this talk.

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