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February 7, 2011


  • Chris Mueller
  • Rich Signell
  • John Graybeal


  • Review EOI Task Status
  • Discuss Bob Weller's UOP data
  • New OPeNDAP head - Dave Fulker
  • Wants to push OPeNDAP in the same direction as NetCDF - opportunity
  • Visualization Workflow schedule

Action Items:

  • Add C2 task for investigating Weller UOP data

EOI Tasks: Data agents in good shape, getting IOSP stuff refactored, going well. Unfortunately science-facing tasks lagging, because data set agents/IOSP/Java library needed for science tasks. Other two open tasks are data set lists, Tim will be finishing those up tomorrow/Wed. Only 2 that won't get finished are science tasks, which haven't been started. About 5d total for Rutgers; UH next iteration.

Tasks haven't been updated, more progress than shown.

Re Navy, highly unlikely that we could create an effective relationship there, per Matt Ward, an advisor to ASA in this area. Would be willing to sit down with Matt/John to discuss. Curious that Frank is so enthusiastic and confident, though. Still not a bad idea to brief, and Matt agrees it's fine to solicit that kind of information. (No easy road in/white box development boxes since WikiLeaks.)

Weller can't happen this iteration. Will be a task for investigation next iteration.

Information: Rich notes OPeNDAP has a new head of - Dave Fulker - was the head of Unidata for many years and played a large role in shaping what Unidata is/does. He has expressed interest in pushing OPeNDAP forward. Has written proposal(s) about having OPeNDAP deal with unstructured grids. In general he'd like to see OPeNDAP and Unidata start converging and work together on some of these things (CDM, Unstructured, etc)

Visualization Workflow Schedule: COVE/Trident visualization - is there a schedule for the integration of these peices? All of the visualzation comes through Analysis and Synthesis which begins in Release 2. The process of bringing together the tasks and goals for that team has/is starting. R2 should begin in April.

John & Chris discuss tasks/gap analysis:

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