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March 14, 2011

  • Chris Mueller
  • Tim LaRocque
  • Rich Signell
  • John Graybeal
  • Matthew Arrott


  • Review EOI Task Status
  • GeoData Activity Review

Action Items:


What can we get from GeoData?
John's breakout was "telling" in that there were all the usual issues - can't think of any issue brought up at any point that we (OOI) aren't at least trying to address.
Metadata coming in is "shoddy".
Rich: Besides a sinking feeling that Peter Fox may not be all he was cracked up to be...felt the whole meeting was disorganized and wasn't addressing the things it should have.
Heard NSF saying that they really want their input on how they should prioritize their investments in CyberInfrastructure over the next few years. An opportunity for OOICI to put their oar in and help move the community forward.
Thinks that a lot of people who were at the workshop will be sending letters to say "fund the research I do" - but we have a stronger position to stand on and could have some real influence on how the ~$90M is spent.
So while the meeting itself was a bit of a downer (right people not in the room and poor organization of the meeting as a whole - few chances for people to talk about what they actually OOI presentation, with no explaination as to why it wasn't included), there is a real opportunity to affect change going forward.
John's takeaways - fairly well aligned with Rich's. Some good raw material and contacts, a good sense of where that portion of NSF could be heading. The value of the meeting in a "community going foward" sense is a function of what gets written up in the report...
Does it represent a risk, neutral, or benefit to what we're doing?
As it stands - neutral... Could be beneficial if we can stay involved with the community that comes from this. If NSF wants to make Peter and/or RPI the basis of their next set of initiatives, they are in a good position to do so, but it will be at the cost of the community being able to move forward and make progress.
Rich - Looking for a cname for the IOOS Modeling Testbed...went to godaddy and IOOS.US was on sale and Rich purchased it! For $2.99 (all .us domains are on sale!)
So now instead of
you can go to

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