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Welcome to the Analysis and Synthesis Subsystem Page

This is the home page for the Analysis and Synthesis (A&S) subsystem and Integrated Product Team. It consolidates all the development effort for this subsystem. This page will serve as the home page for all releases of this subsystem.


Name Org Status Role
Altintas, Ilkay SDSC active/part time Designer
Chao, Yi JPL pending Designer
Crawl, Dan SDSC active/part time Developer
Henrie, Stephen UCSD active/part time Architect lead
Singh, Raj UCSD active Developer

About the OOICI Analysis and Synthesis Subsystem

The Analysis and Synthesis Subsystem Services are providing capabilities and user/application interfaces to support advanced and systematic data analysis and output synthesis applications. This includes the life cycle and operational management of community numerical ocean models, ensembles of models and the virtual ocean simulator framework as well as modeling activities (i.e., assimilation, analysis, evaluation) using observed and derived data products. Analysis and Synthesis provides a flexible scientific stream based workflow execution capability. Analysis and Synthesis services support event detection, data analysis and visualization by utilizing the workflow mechanism and providing specialized advanced support services for these activities. A&S also provides the virtual collaboration services used to create virtual observatories and classrooms that may provide interactive collaboration, analysis and synthesis workspaces.

Introduction to the AS Subsystem

The Introduction to the AS Subsystem provides an overview of this subsystem.

As additional background, we have produced a CI Technical Elements Overview for General Audiences and document.

Subsystem Objectives

Release 3 Objectives

(see also R3 AS Construction Plan)

  • Introduce modeling and workflow members to the subsystem team
  • Refine existing strategy for integrating workflow capabilities with Integrated Observatory
  • Design and implement a flexible, scalable, and extensible workflow systems
  • Design and implement a flexible, scalable, and extensible system for integration of external models (processes and data)

Release 2 Objectives

(see also R2 AS Construction Plan)

  • Establish the subsystem team
  • Define core visions, constraints and designs precisely in the architecture specification
  • Determine viable and flexible strategy for integrating existing visualization tools
  • Design a flexible, scalable and extensible pipeline for real-time visualization generation
    • Based on DM capabilities and CEI process execution
    • Prepare for a more extensive workflow integration architecture in Release 3
    • Provide an underlying caching scheme (with DM) for intermediate results in this pipeline (e.g., to support forks in this pipeline)
  • Utilize external tools for generating data visualizations, focusing specifically on developer-created visualization workflows and tools
    • Provide a plot based visualization pipeline. This includes MatLab-based visualizations
    • Provide a scene based visualization pipeline
  • Integrate AS services with SA services (data product generation) and underlying DM services (data transformation, presentation) based on early defined system service interface
  • Integrate AS services with CEI services for the execution of necessary computation for visualization generation based on early defined system service interface


We produced an CI Technical Elements Overview for General Audiences, which may be useful to appreciate the overall context of this system.

Requirements Development

Release 2

The finalized iteration task plan (13 May) for Analysis and Synthesis is here. The evolving list of tasks is on this google docs spreadsheet.

Release 3

The evolving list of tasks is at this Google docs spreadsheet.

Architectural Background

The System Engineering section of this wiki contains the A&S subsystem architectural materials.

Development and Implementation Progress

Release 2

Release 3

Workshop Proposals

PageWorkshop TopicTotal DaysCoordinator Name Key External AttendeesPoster
Workshop Proposal on Visualization FrameworkContinuous Visualization Architecture3TBDTBDJohn Graybeal


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