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The Architecture Team is the team of software and system architects under the lead of the Senior System Architect. Architects maintain the Integrated Observatory system architecture and contribute as active members of the  integrated product development teams.

The Designer Team is the group of design experts together with the Senior System Architect under the lead of the Product Manager. The group of designers varies over time and are assigned by subsystem. Design experts are the design stakeholders of the OOI ION system and decide on its vision and strategic design refinement.

The User Experience Team is the team of user experience strategists and designers under the lead of the Senior System Architect. The team works closely with the architecture team on the definition of the system's scope and interfaces as visible to selected groups of end users. It also provides representatives to each of the integrated product development teams.

Architecture Team

Name Org Status
Manning, Maurice UCSD active System Architect
Meisinger, Michael UCSD active
Managing System Architect
    Data Architect

The architecture team is cross-cutting all subsystems and CI construction activities. Members of the architecture team are part of the Integrated Product Teams for the development of subsystems and CI implementation elements. The members of the architecture team, being active members of development integrated product teams (IPTs), are responsible for the day to day transfer of the agreed-upon OOI ION vision, the service architecture, the technology choices and the software implementation designs into the development team. They continuously refine the architecture and design documentation of the system to reflect a current and consistent state.

Architects work with developers on creating fine designs and iteration task lists, and also create code as needed, for prototypes, interface definitions, end-to-end architectural integration prototypes, base classes and the like. Architects fill a number of roles, such as SE/Process Liaison, System Architect, Software Architect.

In addition to detailed responsibilities, every architect should have a high-level understanding of:

  • the entire system,
  • the external system interfaces,
  • the system's decomposition into subsystems,
  • the subsystem services,
  • the high-level service dependencies across subsystems,
  • the staged implementation of the system in four releases,
  • the deployment of the system on the various CI CyberPoPs and the National Network Infrastructure.

See also: Design Specification Process

Release 1 Roles and Responsibilities

Team or Responsibility
Claudiu Maurice Michael Stephen
Release 1 Overall Architecture     lead architect
Release 1 Application Integration   lead architect support

External System Interfaces and System Engineering     lead architect  
Common Execution Infrastructure     lead architect
Common Operating Infrastructure     lead architect
CyberPoPs and Network lead architect
Data Management support lead architect    
External Observatory Integration support lead architect    
Sensing and Acquisition (with Marine Integration)
    lead architect  
User Experience  
lead architect

Release 2 Roles and Responsibilities

Members of the Release 2 Inception Architecture team are:

Chair: Matthew Arrott

Execution team:

  • Architecture team manager: Michael Meisinger
  • System architects: Claudiu Farcas, Stephen Henrie, Maurice Manning
  • Product Team Representative: John Graybeal
  • Secretary and coordinator with product team: Rita Bauer

Extended execution team:

  • System Engineering: Alan Chave
  • Subsystem Team Representatives:
    • UX: Carolanne Fisher
    • COI: Adam Smith
    • CEI: Tim Freeman
    • DM: David Stuebe
    • SA: Alon Yaari
    • AS: TBD
    • EOI: Chris Mueller
  • Integration Team Representative: Jamie Chen
  • Deployment Team Representative: Adam Brust


  • Chief System Architect: Ingolf Krueger
  • Development Management: Tim Ampe
  • Operations Management: Mark James
  • Subsystem Design Experts: see design experts table below

Architect Responsibilities

Team Responsibility Maurice Michael Stephen
Release 2 Inception Architecture   support point of contact
External System Interfaces and System Engineering   lead architect  
Resource, Object and Data Model
  lead architect  
Tools, Methods and Publications   lead architect  
Analysis and Synthesis support   lead architect
Common Execution Infrastructure   support lead architect
Common Operating Infrastructure   support
lead architect
CyberPoPs and Network
lead architect  
Data Management lead architect    
External Observatory Integration lead architect    
Sensing and Acquisition
lead architect support  
Marine Integration
lead architect support
User Experience support
lead architect

Architecture Team Responsibilities

Designer Team (Subsystem Design Experts)

Subsystem Name Org Status
Area of Expertise
S&A Balasuriya, Arjuna MIT active
Autonomous marine assets
DM Edgington, Duane MBARI active Applications/sensing/middleware for underwater observatories and instruments
Fisher, Carolanne
User interface design
DM Gomes, Kevin MBARI active Data management systems and middleware
Graybeal, John
Data products and metadata attributes; semantic technologies
Honda, Kohei
Queen Mary, London
active Conversations, session types, services
Jul, Susanne
User experience strategy
CEI Keahey, Kate ANL active
Infrastructure as a Service, Cloud Computing
S&A Headley, Kent MBARI active Sensor infrastructures and drivers
S&A Herlien, Bob MBARI active Sensor infrastructures, drivers, and middleware
Meisinger, Michael
Distributed systems, service-oriented architectures
S&A O'Reilly, Tom
MBARI active Sensor infrastructure and drivers
Quintana, Chris
DM Schlining, Brian MBARI active Data management and processing systems
Singh, Munindar NCSU active
Governance, Contracts, Commitments
Yoshida, Nobuko
Imperial College, London active Conversations, session types, services
Zaslavsky, Ilya UCSD active
Data Formats, Metadata, Data Management

Associated Members of Designer Team

Associated members include the Project Manager, Product Manager, System Development Manager, Operations Manager, Chief System Architect, System Engineer, Project Scientist, Program Director, Deputy Director and the members of the architecture team.

Designer Team Responsibilities

  • Refine and approve Release product use cases
  • Refine and approve Release architecture and technology choices
  • Act as technology advisory and steering committee
  • Bring in external domain and technology knowledge
  • Act as expert on a CI component technology


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