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Resource Spec for ActorIdentity
Resource Spec for Attachment
Resource Spec for Catalog
Resource Spec for Collection
Resource Spec for Commitment
Resource Spec for Conversation
Resource Spec for ConversationRole
Resource Spec for ConversationType
Resource Spec for DataProcess
Resource Spec for DataProcessDefinition
Resource Spec for DataProducer
Resource Spec for DataProduct
Resource Spec for DataProductVersion
Resource Spec for Dataset
Resource Spec for DataSource
Resource Spec for DataStore
Resource Spec for DeployableType
Resource Spec for Deployment
Resource Spec for EPU
Resource Spec for EPUDefinition
Resource Spec for ExchangeBroker
Resource Spec for ExchangeName
Resource Spec for ExchangePoint
Resource Spec for ExchangeSpace
Resource Spec for ExecutionEngine
Resource Spec for ExecutionEngineDefinition
Resource Spec for ExecutionProvider
Resource Spec for ExecutionSite
Resource Spec for ExternalDataProvider
Resource Spec for ExternalDataset
Resource Spec for Index
Resource Spec for InstrumentAgent
Resource Spec for InstrumentAgentInstance
Resource Spec for InstrumentDevice
Resource Spec for InstrumentModel
Attribute Name (YML) Attribute Name (user)
Definition Type/Units Required? Comments Status
Model Label   identifying label of the model that uniquely types the instrument string (CV term) Mandatory controlled vocabulary enables appropriate typing even if manufacturer doesn't provide appropriate model identifiers (though provider's model string is preferred) LCA
Manufacturer   entity that produces the instrument Vendor (Object) Mandatory there should be an associated object of type [Contact]; this prevents multiple names being used for each manufacturer LCA
Reference URL   location(s) where additional information about this model can be obtained URL (0..*) Optional   LCA
Instrument Family   The OOI type classification of this instrument string (CV term) Mandatory the Instrument Application in PMO provides a (partial) controlled vocabulary for this, or see "Sensor Families Expertise" spreadsheet
Code: Name
CAM: Cameras
CO2: Partial pressure CO2
CTD: Conductivity, temperature, depth
DO2: Dissolved oxygen
FDC: Direct covariance flux
FLO: Fluorometer
HYD: Hydrophone
IES: Inverted echo sounder
MET: Meteorology
MSP: Mass spectrometer
NIT: Nitrate
NUT: Nutrients
OBS: Ocean bottom seismometer
OPT: Optical properties - attenuation and absorption
PRS: Seafloor pressure
RAS: Seafloor fluid and dna
SFL: Seafloor properties
VEL: Water velocity
WAV: Surface wave spectra
ZPL: Zooplankton sonar
Instrument Classes supported   where instrument can be deployed in OOI string (CV term) Optional The list is available from the Instrument Application in PMO, 2011 list below. Note: In a few cases the PMO instrument classes include platform information that could change.
Code (long name): Descriptive Name
OPTAA (attenuation_absorption_optical): spectrophotometer optical attenuation and absorption
CAMDS (camera_digital_still_strobe): Ethernet Camera with strobes for digital still imagery of water column biology, vents, diffuse flow, seeps, macrofauna
CAMHD (camera_digital_video_HD): HD Camera w strobes, pan/tilt for high definition video imagery of vents, diffuse flow, seeps, macrofauna
CTDBP (CTD_bottom_pumped): CTD with pump
CTDGV (CTD_glider): CTD for gliders
CTDMO (CTD_mooring): CTD used in surface and subsurface moorings
CTDPF (CTD_profiler): CTD used on profilers
PPSDN (DNA_particulate): Particulate DNA Sampler for microbial community
OTISF (flow_benthic): Optical Injection Tracer Sensor for flow through sediment-water interface
FLORT (Fluorometer_three_wavelength): 3 wavelength fluorometer for measurement of fluorescence, Chl-a, CDOM, optical backscatter
FLORD (Fluorometer_two_wavelength): 2 wavelength fluorometer for measurement of fluorescence, Chl-a, optical backscatter
FDCHP (flux_direct_cov_HP): Direct Covariance Fluxes high power
FDCLP (flux_direct_cov_LP): Direct Covariance Fluxes low power
HYDBB (Hydrophone_BB_passive): Broadband (passive) Acoustic Receiver in the water column for marine mammal, fish, wind, rain
HYDLF (Hydrophone_LF_passive): Broadband (passive) Acoustic Receiver on the seafloor for wind, rain, seismic t-phases
HPIES (IES_pressure_velocity): Horizontal electric field, pressure, Inverted echo sounder for: absolute veolcity, pressure, acoustic travel time, water column structure
MASSP (mass_spectrometer): Mass Spectrometer for dissolved volatiles and hydrothermap/seep fluids
METBK (Meteorology_bulk): Bulk met (Inclusive)
NUTR4 (nutrient_four_channel): Nutrient analyzer (wet chemistry) for nutrients (NO2,NO3,PO4,SiO4)
NUTNR (nutrient_Nitrate): Optical nitrate measurements
DOFST (oxygen_dissolved_fastresp): Dissolved Oxygen - fast repetition
DOSTA (oxygen_dissolved_stable): Dissolved Oxygen - stable measurement
PARAD (PAR): Photosynthetically Active Radiation
PCO2A (pCO2_air-sea): pCO2 at the air/sea interface
PCO2W (pCO2_water): pCO2 below the water surface
PHSEN (pH_stable): pH
ZPLSC (plankton_ZP_sonar_coastal): multi frequency zooplankton sonar
ZPLSG (plankton_ZP_sonar_global): 4-frequency zooplankton sonar
BOTPT (pressure_bottom_tilt): Paroscientific Digiquartz pressure transducer, tilt meter for inflation and deflation of seafloor due to magmatic processes
PRESF (pressure_SF): Pressure, seafloor
PREST (pressure_SF_tidal): Pressure, seafloor, tidal
OBSBB (Seismometer_BB_triaxial_accel): Broadband Triaxial Seismometer with Episensor Accelerometer
OBSBK (Seismometer_BB_triaxial_keck): Broadband Triaxial Seismometer 10 w/Episensor Accelerometer, 3 without
OBSSP (Seismometer_shortperiod): Short Period Seismometer
OBSSK (Seismometer_shortperiod_keck): Short Period Seismometer - Keck donation
SPKIR (spectral_irradiance): spectral irradiance
THSPH (Temp_H2_H2S_pH): pH-Hydrogen Sulfide-Temperature-hydrogen for black smoker fluid temperature, hydrogen hydrogen sulfide and pH
TRHPH (Temp_resist): Temperature Resistivity for black smoker fluid temperature
TMPSF (Temperature_seafloor): Thermistors for temperatures of diffuse flow across seafloor
VELPT (Velocity_point): Velocity (point)
VEL3D (Velocity_point_3D_turb): Velocity (point), Turbulent U V W, temperature
ADCPT (Velocity_profile_300m): Velocity (profile 300 m range)
ADCPV (Velocity_profile_50m_turb): Velocity (profile 50 m range) and turbulent velocity direct measurement profiles (w')
ADCPS (Velocity_profile_600m): Velocity (profile 600 m range)
ADCPA (Velocity_profile_50m): Velocity (profile 50 m range) either single directional or 2 directional (up and down looking)
OSMOI (watersample_chem_trace): In situ Time Series Water Sampler and temperature for major/trace element chemistry low/high temperature fluids
RASFL (watersample_chem_trace_H2S_pH): Remote Access Fluid Sampler for major/trace element chemistry, temperature, H2S, pH
WAVSS (wave_spectra_surface): surface wave spectra
Data Record Description   A description of the format and characteristics of the data contents [Data Record Description] Mandatory (0..*) Can be repeated for models with multiple types of data output records LCA
Data Interface       populated from Asset Mgt system  
Primary interface   what kind of interface is available string (CV term) Optional Terms: RS232, RS245, TCP/IP, TTL, Ethernet, Acoustic, Inductive, USB, Firewire, Bluetooth, RemovableMedia LCA
Secondary interfaces   Additional interfaces that are available string (CV list) Optional   LCA
Baud Rate default   default rate at which bits are sent over RS232 interface baud Optional strongly encouraged for RS232 instruments R2
Data rates   rates at which bits can be sent over the interface list of baud Optional   R2
Writeable storage   what protocol to access local storage is available, if any string (CV) Mandatory Terms: none, PUCK, other R2
Control commands       Optional   R2
Data streaming   can instrument stream data? Boolean Mandatory   R2
Data polling   can instrument be queried for data? Boolean Mandatory   R2
Mixed Sampling Mode   can instrument be queried for data while streaming data? Boolean Mandatory   R2
In-line management   Can instrument be managed as part of command protocol boolean Optional   R2
Driver compatibility   3rd-party drivers (including SIAM, Antelope, MOOSDB) that will work string (ideally CV) Optional suggested form: 'SIAM-name', 'Antelope-name', 'MOOSDB-name' R2
Software needed   3rd-party software needed to operate system or analyze its data   Optional   R2
Standards   list or narrative of standards to which instrument adheres string Optional   R2
Timing/Clock Attributes       populated from Asset Mgt system  
Clock type   basic characteristics of internal clock string (CV term) Mandatory Terms: None, DateTime, Duration, Ticks R2
Clock sync   how can the clock be synchronized string (CV term) Mandatory Terms: GPS, IRIG-B, 1PPS, IEEE-1588, NTP, Command-Custom, Read-Only, None R2
Clock max drift   manufacturer's specifications of clock drift rate ratio Optional   R2
Clock Notes   notes on real-time clock string Optional   R2
Physical Characteristics       populated from Asset Mgt system  
Dimensions   H x L x W Size (object) Optional   R3
Weight   weight of instrument in air, as configured for operation kg Optional nominal or average value R3
Buoyancy   buoyancy of instrument as configured for operation Newton Optional nominal or average; what do manufacturers actually use for units (might need to use that)? R3
Materials   the materials used to build the instrument string (comma-separated list of terms, ideally from CV Optional   R3
Operational Restrictions         populated from Asset Mgt system
Operational depth maximum   maximum depth for correct functioning meters Optional   R2
Survival depth maximum   maximum depth beyond which instrument may be damaged meters Optional   R2
Operational temperature range   temperature limits outside of which operation is not guaranteed Temperature Range (Object) Optional   R2
Survival temperature range   temperature limits outside of which instrument may be damaged Temperature Range (Object) Optional   R2
Internal data storage   can system store data internally? boolean Mandatory   R2
Data storage capacity     Megabytes Mandatory   R2
Sample period minimum   minimum amount of time required to take sample seconds Optional   R2
Cold Start Boot Time   time to boot the system from power off seconds Optional   R2
Cold Start Sample Time   time from turning the system on to completing its first sample seconds Optional   R2
Required-on time   time system must be on before sampling seconds Optional   R2
Hot Start Sample Time   time to take a sample if system is turned on and warmed up seconds Optional   R2
Electrical/Power attributes       populated from Asset Mgt system  
Power source   required power source is external or internal string (CV term) Optional Terms: external, internal, dual source R2
Current Type   whether alternating or direct current is used string (CV term) Optional Terms: AC, DC R2
Voltage   nominal voltage at which unit operates V Optional   R2
Wattage   nominal wattage consumed by instrument W Optional   R2
Maximum Survival Voltage   maximum voltage instrument can tolerate V Optional   R2
Maximum Survival Current   maximum current instrument can tolerate A Optional   R2
Electrical Notes   any notes about electrical attributes or characteristics string Optional   R2
Hotel Current   amount of current drawn by the instrument on standby string Optional   R2
Inrush Current   current drawn by instrument when powered on A Optional   R2
Inrush Current duration   length of time instrument is drawing additional current when powered on seconds Optional   R2
Integrated inductive modem available   is there an inductive modem in the unit? boolean Optional   R2
Internal Battery   is there an internal battery? boolean Optional   R2
Internal Battery Type   chemical composition of battery string (CV term) Optional   R2
Power Supply current (max)   largest current Power Supply can generate A Optional   R2
Power supply current operational (avg.)   average current produced by power supply A Optional   R2
Power Supply current standby   amount of current drawn by the power supply when in standby mode A Optional   R2
Power Supply Voltage   nominal voltage provided by internal power supply V Optional   R2
Power Supply Voltage Range   range of voltages supported by internal power supply Vmin, Vmax Optional   R2
Consumables       populated from Asset Mgt system  
Consumable Reagents   list of reagents that object consumes over time Consumable Information (Object) Optional (0..*)   R3
Consumable Batteries   list of batteries that object consumes over time Consumable Information (Object) Optional (0..*)   R3
Consumable Other   list of other consumables that object consumes over time Consumable Information (Object) Optional (0..*)   R3
Resource Spec for InstrumentSite
Resource Spec for Negotiation
Resource Spec for NotificationRequest
Resource Spec for ObjectType
Resource Spec for Observatory
Resource Spec for Org
Resource Spec for PersistenceSystem
Resource Spec for PlatformAgent
Resource Spec for PlatformDevice
Attribute Name (YML) Attribute Name (user)
Definition Type/Units Required? Comments Status
Serial Number   a unique number for that instance, typically assigned by the manufacturer string Mandatory OOI must assign, if manufacturer doesn't; this is a shorter string than a UUID or OOI ID, useful for labels and conversational references LCA
Model   identifier of a static definition of manufacturer and model for the platform Platform Model Resource _ID Mandatory the platform model defines many characteristics associated with the platform; all Platform Devices must have an entry in the Platform Model table LCA
Nominal Location   deployment point of platforms; platform may vary in location around that point Geospatial Location (Object) Optional (according to platform type)   LCA
Manufacture Date   when item was built timeInstant (Object) Optional   R2
Resource Spec for PlatformModel
Attribute Name (YML) Attribute Name (user)
Definition Type/Units Required? Comments Status
OOI Node Type   categorization by OOI node type string (CV:OOI node types) Mandatory provides organization by OOI terms; list obtained from SAF instrument application; this is not used directly as the Platform Model because there are likely to be functionally different groups within these categories. OOI node types are (code followed by name):
Code (Name)
MJ (Medium-power Junction box)
ID (Interface box HD camera)
FJ (Float Junction Box)
LJ (Low-power Junction box)
WJ (Winch Junction box)
PJ (Profiler Junction box)
MF (Multi-Function Node)
FI (Fixed Instruments)
SB (Surface Buoy)
SP (Surface-Piercing Profiler)
WF (Wire-Following Profiler)
MP (Mid-Water Platform)
GL (Gliders)
BP (Benthic Package)
DP (Deep Profiler)
ION Onboard   Whether ION software is run on platform resources Boolean Mandatory   R2
Shore-Networked   How platform is designed to be connected to shore CV (Always Fast, Always Slow, Intermittent, Never) Mandatory Some platform model designs may support shore connection, but the platform may operate without them R2
Resource Spec for PlatformSite
Resource Spec for Policy
Resource Spec for Process
Resource Spec for ProcessDefinition
Resource Spec for ResourceLifeCycle
Resource Spec for ResourceType
Resource Spec for SchedulerEntry
Resource Spec for SensorDevice
Resource Spec for SensorModel
Resource Spec for Service
Resource Spec for ServiceDefinition
Resource Spec for Stream
Resource Spec for StreamDefinition
Resource Spec for Subscription
Resource Spec for Subsite
Resource Spec for TopicTopology
Resource Spec for UserCredentials
Resource Spec for UserInfo
Resource Spec for UserRole
Resource Spec for View
Resource Spec for Workflow
Resource Spec for WorkflowDefinition


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