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The following are target tasks for the CEI team during the R2 Transition phase.

Specific Tasks for Transition

  • Address "skipped" tests: All skipped CEI services unit and integration tests should be either fixed or removed from the system
  • Code Coverage: CEI Services code should be at least 80% covered by tests
  • Address Pyflakes issues: Execute pyflakes on CEI code and address important issues
  • Clean up CC logs, remove any unconditional logging, and clean up any non-fatal errors
  • Complete and update associated architecture documentation pages
  • Prepare and execute additional failure situation testing
  • Assist System Engineering team to complete any remaining Requirements Verification tasks
  • Address issue moved from construction to transition "Process Dispatcher missing heartbeat detection". See:
  • Address issue moved from construction to transition "Ensure EPUM VM launch requests are retried". See:
  • Add description field for any Events that are generated
  • Support Integration team during process dispatcher and release load testing
  • Make sure proces based client calls are used.
  • Perform scale testing at load. Work with integration team on this
  • Add additional support to graylog2
  • pyon.local.yml files are baked into the launch plan, so making changes require changes to the plan. Should change this to make it a param of the launch plan.
  • Improve command line tools to make them easier to use
  • Improve overall documentation on how to use the bootstrapping tools and the operator tools. Create operator documentation.
  • Complete effort for system restart (CIDEVCEI-295 & CIDEVCEI-304)
  • Continue planning effort for R3 work and anything that will be added to R2.1 (David/Kate)

Code Coverage Improvements

See the following report for files that need their code coverage improved. The target for each subsystem code should be 80% or more covered via unit and/or integration tests. Any modules below 80% should have additional unit or integration tets added:

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