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This page describes the plan for a subsystem iteration including the high level goals for the iteration. It should also contain dependencies on other subsystems, plans for integrating functionality and a list of iteration tasks or a link to the subsystem google doc containing the iteration task details. This page should also contain references to the associated architecture pages, construction plan pages, and use cases.

Table of Contents

Iteration Goals and Scope

Investigate technologies appropriate to Release 3 subsystem-name

To achieve the highest-priority goal, the team must do the following.


High-Level Iteration Tasks

Task Title Designer(s) State
[short title] person(s) Defined, In Progress, Complete

Secondary tasks

Jira Burndown Chart

Iteration Google Doc Task List


The CEI architecture will be documented on the central authoritative CI architecture repository pages in the CI engineering space: CI Architecture, [CEI subsystem architecture].

Subsystem Dependencies

  • As usual, CEI will work closely with the integration team on the launch plans and testing
  • -

Integration Points

No specific integration points are scheduled in Inception.

The prototypes will be developed so as to integrate with elements of the Integrated Observatory system.



Links to specific architecture pages, subsystem construction plan pages, associated use cases and acceptance scenarios being addressed, etc.

Prototypes and Other Deliverables


  • [example]

Applicable Technologies


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