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This is the two-week period that begins the third (and final) Iteration of Release 1 Construction phase. So coming out of that, we need to have a picture of the entire Release 1 architecture, subject to all the things we will complete during the Construction phase (and thereafter).

Design Period Kick-off presentation

Required Before Starting

  1. Input task lists (link downloads document) This will get revised during the two weeks
  2. Existing requirements and open requests/suggestions from each IPT
  3. Architecture development support tools in place

Unique to this iteration

Gap analysis of what UI will offer and what we currently have.


  • Back to focus on Iteration tasks.
  • Design period to focus on developers actively taking part on task design work

Design Review Presentations

... details to be provided.

These are the activities ongoing during the CI R1 C3 (iteration 3 of Construction) Design Period. Instructions and other documentation for the Design Period can be found at the [Design Period Activities] page.

Planning Documents

  • [CI R1 C3 Design Workshops]

Documents to Update

Task Lists on Google docs

Detailed instructions for updating this document are at the [Design Period Activities] page.

Technology List

The Technology List should be updated, to reflect the technologies that are currently targeted for use in the system.

Reference Documents

Scoping Activities

The architecture team and design experts spent time scoping the activities for the next iteration.  The results of that work are at the following links. (These are intended to be used primarily by the Senior Developers during Design Period.)

  • COI R1C3 Scoping
  • [CEI R1C3 Scoping]
  • [DM R1C3 Scoping]
  • [SA R1C3 Scoping]
  • [IPAA R1C1 Scoping]

Product Description

The Product Description contains a list of different scenarios that reflect the capabilities of the Release 1 product. This document provides context for all the Release 1 work. If you don't see how a given task fits into the Product Description, this is an issue and should be raised with a Senior Developer or the Senior System Architect or System Development Manager.

Design Period Overview

The [Design Period Activities] page contains an overview of what we're doing and how to do it. See in particular the Task Checklist.

Meeting Notes:

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