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Iteration Jira Burndown Charts


Construction iteration 3 is the third and final iteration in release 1 construction phase.  Note that 5 additional weeks were added to the Development period, making it 10 weeks rather than the normal 5 weeks.

  • Design Period: Monday February 14 - Friday February 25 (2 weeks)
  • Development: Monday February 28 - Friday May 6 (10 weeks)
  • Wrap Up: Monday May 9 - Friday May 13 (1 week)

Iteration Kick-Off Presentation

R1 C3 Kick-off Presentation PDF
R1 C3 Kick-off Presentation Recording

Iteration Wrap-up Presentation

R1 C3 Wrap-up Presentation PDF

Goals and Tasks

Architecture and Design Development

Integrated Product Teams (IPT)

Other Google Docs

Application Integration

System Implementation

Baseline Materials

CyberPop Construction

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