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Elaboration iteration 2 is the fourth iteration in release 1 construction. In combination with the upcoming elaboration iteration 3 in the extended elaboration period, it will lead to the Life Cycle Architecture (LCA) milestone and review, planned for August, 2010. A "Mini-LCA" follows this iteration to prepare for the "Big-LCA"

  • Design Period: Thursday Apr 29, 2010 - Friday May 7
  • Development: Monday May 10 - Friday June 11
  • Wrap Up: Monday June 14 - Friday June 18


See R1E2 Design Workshop

Goals and Tasks

Architecture Development

Subsystem Integrated Product Teams (IPT)

System Implementation

  • CyberPoP Elaboration 2
  • Instrument and Platform Agents (IPA)
  • External Observatory Integration (IOOS)

Baseline Materials

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