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Iteration Jira Burndown Charts

NOTE: Still Needs To Be Updated once Jira tasks are entered for iteration ...

Burndown Charts


Construction iteration 3 is the last of three iterations in the release 2 construction phase. This iteration will last 12 weeks.

  • Design Period: Monday August 13 - Friday August 31 (3 weeks)
  • Development: Monday September 3 - Friday October 19 (7 weeks)
  • Wrap Up: Monday October 22 - Friday October 26 (1 week) (Feature Freeze)
  • Final Integration: Monday October 29 - Friday November 2 (1 week)

Iteration Goals, Scope, and Tasks

Overarching Goals for Iteration

Release 2 is focused on initial Marine Implementing Organization capabilities, and the Construction 3 iteration is focused on completing the full set of functionality for R2 that will enable an end-to-end system to be launched, stress tested, and ready for Alpha testers.

Subsystem Goals for Iteration

Subsystem Goals and Scope

Additional Resources

LCA Presentations

See: R2 LCA Presentations

Construction Kick-off

The Release 2 Construction Kick-off WebEx will be held on Friday April 13, at 9 AM Pacific Time.

Iteration Tasks

Architecture and Design Development

Subsystem Activities: Integrated Product Teams (IPT)

The iteration software development activities are organized by subsystem, or Integrated Product Teams. Visit the following pages to see an overview of each subsystem's goals for the iteration, and its planned tasks.

Click here to see goals and tasks

Application Integration

System Implementation

Baseline Materials


The following prototypes were selected from the list of proposed Release 2 prototypes (see Prototyping). In this iteration, we will work on these prototypes. The architects and designs will provide high-level strategy and constraints and work with developers on defining prototype design and executing prototype goals.

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