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Iteration Jira Burndown Charts

Burndown Charts


Elaboration iteration 3 is the last of three iterations in the release 2 elaboration phase.

  • Design Period: Tuesday January 3rd - Friday January 13 (2 weeks)
  • Development: Monday January 16 - Friday February 17 (5 weeks)
  • Wrap Up: Monday February 20 - Friday February 24 (1 week)

Iteration Goals, Scope, and Tasks

Overarching Goals for Iteration

Release 2 is focused on initial Marine Implementing Organization capabilities, and the Elaboration 3 iteration must complete the demonstration of an end-to-end demonstration of the architecture to support these capabilities. The iteration will emphasize the demonstration, which shows off common-place and sophisticated functions related to marine facilities. (CI team members may see early planning for the demonstration.)

  1. Create an observatory: Perform the bootstrap operations to bring an observatory into existence, including its assets (platforms, instruments, people, policies).
  2. Initiate observatory operations: Transition the observatory from a described state, to an operating entity.
  3. Manage instrumentation: Demonstrate the ability to modify an instrument's state and prepare it for operation.
  4. Acquire and publish data: Obtain data from observatory assets and make them available, as signals from that site, for immediate use.
  5. Produce and publish visualizations: Create visualizations from an appropriate data stream and make them available for immediate use.
  6. Replace data producer: Replace a data-producing component without impacting the acquisition of data and visualizations of the corresponding logical signals.

Because this is the first exposure of the OOI team members to functionality that goes beyond routine data management, and the first exposure of the Marine Implementing Organizations to the capabilities necessary to run their systems, the demonstration must be as clear and compelling as possible. We can expect an unusual amount of planning of the details of the demonstration script and visuals, which will be brought forward as early in the iteration as possible.

Note that not all the subsystems will be emphasized in the demonstration itself. Some will provide required functionality in a behind-the-scenes way, while others like EOI will not have their functionality demonstrated directly. The progress for these subsystems will be described as usual, just not brought forward in the demonstration.

Subsystem Goals for Iteration

Subsystem Goals and Scope

Additional Resources

Elaboration Kick-Off Presentations

The Release 2 Elaboration 3 Kick-off WebEx will be held on Tuesday, January 3, at TBD AM Pacific Time.

Iteration Tasks

Architecture and Design Development

Subsystem Activities: Integrated Product Teams (IPT)

The iteration software development activities are organized by subsystem, or Integrated Product Teams. Visit the following pages to see an overview of each subsystem's goals for the iteration, and its planned tasks.

Click here to see goals and tasks

Application Integration

System Implementation

Baseline Materials


The following prototypes were selected from the list of proposed Release 2 prototypes (see Prototyping). In this iteration, we will work on these prototypes. The architects and designs will provide high-level strategy and constraints and work with developers on defining prototype design and executing prototype goals.

Page: ION Release 2 Architecture Demonstration (CI Development) Labels: r2e3prototype
Page: Prototype Conversation Layer, Monitor and Scribble (CI Development) Labels: r2e3prototype
Page: Prototype Mesh Data Model (CI Development) Labels: r2e3prototype
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