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(1) Really big picture

(A) Complete CI lay overview: (lay overview is not particularly deep)
(B) Program-level lay overview:
(C) Technical page with overview materials: CI Workshops (historical reference)

On this page (1.C) are many interesting sections, presented below in some order of usefulness.

(2) Results and Background Material/OOI Science and Design Context at the bottom:

(A) Text overview of CI:
(B) Technical paper:
(C) Scientist operational scenario:
(D) Instrumentation operational scenario:
(E) Data operational scenario:

(3) Completed Pre-Construction Meetings and Workshops/Team Meetings

Needs updating

(A) Kickoff Meeting: CI Project Kick-Off Meeting
(B) Life Cycle Objectives Review meeting: Release 1 LCO Review
(C) Life Cycle Architecture Review meeting: Release 1 LCA Review

The last item under (3) has the latest public presentations. The attachment list is long and not always perfectly linked.

(4) Prototyping

Also from the kickoff meeting page you will see a link to the prototyping page, which lists the types of major prototypes the program has pursued over time:
(A) Prototyping


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