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The following procedure is applicable to all UCSD travelers (regardless of who is funding your travel) and all non-UCSD travelers who will be reimbursed for travel by UCSD (if travel is not in your budget nor in the WHOI budget).

Please make sure you also review the CI Travel Logistics and UCSD Reimbursement Policy.

Step 1
Traveler (or his/her manager) should start the process by sending an e-mail to Delia Constant ( Julie Thomas, Tim Ampe, Rod Cressey, or Michael Meisinger as appropriate). The e-mail should have the traveler's name in the Subject line, and should contain the following text, including Steps 2 and 3 text (traveler or manager fills in what he/she can).

Name of Traveler:
Dates for Travel:
Origin if not San Diego:
Est. Cost:

If your time is not funded by OOI CI, please provide
– Role during this activity:
– Institution/business represented:

If the request is made less than 3 weeks prior to travel, please explain in the comments why the request is being made on "short notice". Also note if any exceptional costs will be incurred, so our team can help make sure you get reimbursed: change fees, baggage fees, rental cars other than economy/compact, GPS units, etc.).

The Purpose describes why are you traveling. (What is the benefit to the OOI CI?)

Step 2
Delia fills in what she can below, redirects the e-mail to Julie, Tim, Michael, or Rod (as appropriate) and cc's the traveler.


Step 3
Julie Thomas, Tim Ampe, Rod Cressey, or Michael Meisinger approves the e-mail and returns it to Delia Constant.

Approved by:

Step 4
Delia Constant creates an event, prepares an insurance card (for UCSD employees only), forwards the e-mail to Kelly Tucker to notify her that an event is in the queue for approval, and copies the traveler so he/she can use the event number to book their travel through Balboa Travel (if funds are coming through UCSD).

Event Number:

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