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This page was intended to be the main page of the pilot period activity of putting the OOI collaboration tools into the cloud. It has grown to contain substantial documentation of processes and technologies of the operational environment. Some of this content needs to be copied or moved to operations pages.


This is the starting page for for all efforts related to the deployment and operation of OOI and CI level collaboration tools. Collaboration tools include Confluence, Jira, Alfresco and related tools, such as the directory server, load balancers and monitoring software. A major effort is to make the production tools quickly recoverable by operating them in the cloud.

Iteration 1 will focus on building a test deployment of the collaboration tools on EC2, migrating a recent backup of data, and building an environment to monitor and provision the tools. 

Iteration 2 will focus on building a production-ready deployment of the collaboration tools on EC2 which includes incorporating components from the Cloud Provisioning Environment and Messaging Service, etc to provide monitoring and failure recovery instrumentation. 

Iteration 3 will focus on building a central scheduling, tracking and provisioning machine, refining/extending backup and monitoring capabilities, establishing local name server management, and practice/refinement of data migration procedures.

Iteration 4 will focus on submitting the collaboration tools on the cloud for review, fulfilling conditions set forth by Ocean Leadership for cloud deployment and performing the migration to EC2. 

Summary of Results

The attached is a summary of completed results for each iteration as they were tracked during the pilot iteration period. 


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