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This is the home page for the Common Executing Infrastructure (CEI) subsystem and Integrated Product Team. It consolidates all the development effort for this subsystem. This page will serve as the home page for all releases of this subsystem.


Name Org Status
Area of Work
Henrie, Stephen
active/part time
Lead Architect

Jul, Susanne
  active/part time
UX representative
Keahey, Kate
active/part time 
Lead designer CEI Release 1; Infrastructure as a Service
LaBissoniere, David
Senior Developer
Armstrong, Patrick UofC
active Developer

Riteau, Pierre UofC active/part time Developer  
Meisinger, Michael UCSD active/part time Architect
System interfaces

Subsystem Objectives

Release 2 Objectives

(see also R2 CEI Construction Plan)

  • Get a definition of R2 adopter groups and understand their direct and indirect requirements of CEI (indirect requirements will be filtered by other subsystems, e.g. DM and SA)
  • Get a precise definition of the functional and non-functional requirements, and their priorities, that R2 adopter groups have on CEI; establish communication channels
  • Define a strategy for extending the R1 cloud management capabilities and a providing process management capabilities on top of them to satisfy those requirements; the strategy should integrate existing process management tools and, to a reasonable extent, position us for using National Infrastructure resources in the future
  • Integration with other subsystems; in particular DM (enabling the data management subsystem to achieve its goals) and COI (in particular on issues related to providing a robust system infrastructure for startup, continuous operations and failure compensation)
  • Support the SA (through DM) subsystem in the generation of real-time data products by applying developer defined algorithms to data streams
  • Identify and prepare functionality components for individual releases to ensure flexibility, adoption, impact and sustainability opportunities

Release 3 Objectives

See the [R3 CEI Construction Plan].


We produced an CI Technical Elements Overview for General Audiences, which may be useful to appreciate the overall context of this system.

Requirements Development

Architectural Background

The System Engineering section of this wiki contains the architectural materials for the CEI subsystem.


Development and Implementation

There is a separate page capturing the following efforts:

Release 2

The finalized iteration task plan (13 May) for the Common Execution Infrastructure is here. The evolving list of tasks is on this google docs spreadsheet.

Release 3

The evolving list of tasks is on this google docs spreadsheet.

Workshop Proposals

Click to add new CEI workshop proposal

PageWorkshop TopicTotal DaysCoordinator Name Key External AttendeesPoster
Workshop Proposal on CEI additional trainingCEI additional training1Katarzyna Keahey
Workshop Proposal on CEI and DM integrationCEI and DM integration1Kate KeaheyKatarzyna Keahey
Workshop Proposal on CEI technology evaluation and collaborationtechnology evaluation and collaborative meetings1Kate KeaheyDepending on the workshopKatarzyna Keahey
Workshop Proposal on CEI User Engagementon CEI user engagement1Susanne JulUsers who we deliver to by end of R2Katarzyna Keahey


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