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This is the home page for the OOI CI Common Operating Infrastructure (COI) subsystem Integrated Product Team. This subsystem is constructed in Releases 1 through 3 of OOI CI construction.

Welcome to the Common Operating Infrastructure Subsystem Page


Name Org Status
Area of Work
Foster, David
Messaging system
Henrie, Stephen UCSD active/part time Architect Governance, policy
Honda, Kohei Queen Mary, London active/part time Designer Conversations
Jul, Susanne UCSD active/part time UX team representative User experience
Kediyal, Prashant UCSD active Developer Governance
Meisinger, Michael UCSD active/part time Acting Senior Developer Distributed Service Infrastructure Design Expert
Said, Seman
Singh, Munindar UCSD active/part time Designer Governance, contracts, commitments
Yoshida, Nobuko Imperial College London active/part time Designer Conversations

Subsystem Objectives

Release 1 Objectives

  • Provide a basic usable Capability Container reference implementation with basic security for service deployment leveraging message-based communication
  • Provide a single domain of authority, single broker messaging infrastructure (Exchange)
  • Provide a Web UI container connected to the backend infrastructure
  • Integrate with CEI infrastructure for system startup and operations
  • Provide distributed state management
  • Provide a generic resource registry based on DM persistent archive services

Release 2 Objectives

(see also Release 2 COI Construction Plan)

  • Provide robust and performant capability container implementations
    • Revise the Python capability container to make it more robust and performant and easier to develop services for
    • Support CC development on embedded platforms
  • Integrate closely with CEI on providing a robust system infrastructure (for startup, continuous operations and failure compensation)
    • Provide system and container manageability
  • Integrate closely with DM to provide Distributed State Management infrastructure
    • Common Object Model: Definition and instantiation
    • Resource storage and message object transport
  • Consolidate and complete core distributed service infrastructure
  • Define a generic resource life cycle and related activities and a way to extend this model for specific resource
  • Provide resource identification capabilities
  • Support system deployment with more than one facility (domain of authority)
    • Provide basic Governance and Conversation concepts
  • Revise the Web UI platform in close collaboration with UX


We produced an CI Technical Elements Overview for General Audiences, which may be useful to appreciate the overall context of this system.



Architecture and Design

The System Engineering section of this wiki contains the architectural materials for the COI subsystem.

Development and Implementation Progress

Release 1 (completed)

Inception Phase

Elaboration Phase

Construction Phase

Transition Phase

Release 2

Inception Phase

Elaboration Phase

Construction Phase

Transition Phase

Release 3

Inception Phase

Quick Links

COI Architecture
COI Overview
Construction Plans: R2, R3


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