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This page needs to be updated.  Please disregard the information in this page for now.

How to publish a dataset driver

Make sure your git branch is up to date with:

git fetch upstream

git merge upstream/master

Confirm you are working in your virtual environment, if you aren't yet run:

workon <virtual environment name>

Switch to the instrument you want to publish with:


then entering the path

The integration tests should be run again to confirm all the files needed from the driver developer's environment made it into ooici correctly with:

bin/dsa/test_driver -i

Then the package driver script should be run.  This will generate a zip file which contains the egg for this driver and some metadata files for the driver.  This is done with:


The generated zip file will be in your home directory.  Unzip the generated zip file, then navigate into the created 'egg' directory.  This will contain the egg file for this driver.  This egg needs to be copied into the release server, which requires that you have access to the cc account on sddevrepo.
scp <egg_name>
chmod 644 /var/www/html/releases/<egg_name>

If you prefer to use a bash function, you can use:
publish_driver() {
scp $1$DESTDIR
ssh chmod 644 $DESTDIR/`basename $1`

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