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Task Overview

Link to task(s) in Jira:

Task Stake Holders

  • Developer:
  • Designer: Kohei Honda
  • Architect: Stephen Henrie

Design Goals, Short Description

  • In brief, this task does three things: share Scribble experience, perfect Scribble, and perfect Scribble Tool.
  • In more detail, we determine what enhancements will be needed in Scribble to capture all interaction patterns needed for OOI CI in R3. The enhancements should enable Scribble's adaptation to the current COI architecture as planned for R3. As concrete tasks, we share Scribble experience among the UCSD/UK team centring on Michael's simplex (and later complex) protocol examples, we perfect Scribble, and we perfefct Scribble Tool, incorporating these elements.


  • Simplex Protocols in Scribble
  • Scribble Language Reference
  • Scribble Tool

Milestones, including Links to Delivered Works

Simplex and Complex Protocols in Scribble

See also:
minutes of conversation meeting, Simplex (1)
minutes of conversation meeting, Simplex (2)
minutes of conversation meeting, Complex (1)

1. RPC
2. Negotiation
3. Pub-Sub
4. RPC Composition/Refinement
5. Resource Access Control (RAC)
6. Three-Party Negotiation Protocol

Language Reference

The language reference for Scribble version 0.3 can be found at

It will be further developed at:


Tools will be collected at, notably the python tool

To come (notes, simple manual, perhaps video, etc.).

Lessons Learned

to come (useful things for others).

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