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This is the main page for the CI pilot project "Messaging Service". This service is based on high performance AMQP messaging provided by the RabbitMQ broker, a flexible set of messaging use & control services, as well as on conventions for routing and message type/content within CI pilot prototype implementations. The UCSD developed Magnet framework is the Python reference implementation of a service-oriented messaging service client adapter.


Iteration 1: Basics

  • Nanite Evaluation and Design/Information Model
  • Benchmarking RabbitMQ/AMQP messaging and the messaging service
  • See Iteration 1 Deliverables

Iteration 2:

  • Design and provide the core implementation of the Messaging service and Magnet framework for application/agent integration
  • See Iteration 2 Deliverables

Iteration 3:

  • Investigation of John Day's Distributed IPC Facility
  • Investigation of AMQP 1.0
  • Investigation of FIPA Message Structure
  • Refinement of Magnet
  • See Iteration 3 Deliverables

Iteration 4:

  • Provide a generic purpose messaging client (Magnet) for an AMQP based messaging system
  • Provide telling use examples for messaging service clients
  • Specification of the messaging service internals
  • Supervision of messaging service development

Subsequent iterations are part of the COI subsystem inception period.


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