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This page describes details about the organization of Marine assets, in particular comparing the differences between CG, EA and RSN.

Import Strategy

The following is a proposal treating CG, EA and RSN as special case, using the additional import spreadsheet.


  • SAF Subsite imported as Observatory (mostly 1:1)
  • SAF Site used to group Observatory resources by common larger spatial area
  • Additional Observatory created for RSN shore side infrastructure
  • Additional shore side infrastructure created as PlatformSite under the shore-side Observatory site
  • Primary nodes and complete network imported as PlatformSite
  • Network links and ports imported from mapping spreadsheet
  • EA nested nodes connected as part of network links


  • SAF Subsite imported as Observatory with some aggregations
  • SAF Array used to group Observatory resources by common larger spatial area
  • SAF Platform node imported as PlatformSite
  • SAF node (nested) imported as nested PlatformSite
  • Mobile assets are platform node PlatformSite under the related Observatory site


  • Similar to CG
  • EA nested nodes connected as part of network links


Deployment cruises see:

Target ION Resource Structure

The diagram below shows the ION resources representing the OOI sites and devices:

Marine IO Assets

CG Assets


  • There is a 1:1 relationship between SAF subsite and SAF platform node. One of the two is redundant from an operations point of view (in ION)
  • Subsites in SAF currently break the constructive naming scheme
  • RSN nodes connected to the Endurance Array are listed in SAF as child assets to EA subsites
  • Assembly level nodes in moorings (e.g. surface bouy, MFN) not yet represented in SAF explicitly and in ION
  • AUV dock not represented in SAF or ION

See Also:

EA Assets

For the most part EA assets are treated similarly CG assets and are shown in the diagrams above. EA assets are special in that a few of them are connected to the RSN cable. So organizationally they show up in the hierarchies of EA, but network wise, some of them are seen as downstream nodes in the RSN network (in the reverse direction)

See Also:

RSN Assets

RSN Network View

NOTE: As discussed in Seattle (8/14/12), there will be other direct sub-platforms of ShoreStation, reported via the OMS:

  • Time server
  • PFE
  • L3-UPS1
  • L3-UPS2
  • RSN-UPS1
  • Backhaul
  • SLTE

See also:

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