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The OSSE group performs a field deployment in the mid-Atlantic bight November 2-13, 2009. It involves the coordination and integration of various data sources, technologies and observing assets as part of an ocean observing simulation experiment. Thanks everyone for the contributions and participation.

Science question: Investigate the effect of fall/winter storms on currents and mixing of the upper layers. Investigate the timing and initiation of the winter bloom off the mid-Atlantic coast.

Technology goal: Investigate and demonstrate the successful integration of observation mission and control technologies in an integrated data distribution environment.


  • In-situ assets (Satellites, coastal radar)
    • Satellite: SST, Ocean color
    • Satellite: EO-1 (requested several passes) Hyperion
    • Codar HF radar
  • Mobile assets (Gliders, AUVs)
    • Rutgers SLOCUM gliders RU5, RU15, RU21, RU23 deployed (some standard mission, some taskable)
    • U.Delaware may operate one glider covering the southern area
    • MIT - On-board autonomy (Back-seat driver)
    • NUWC - IVER2 AUV (Hammerhead)
    • Cal.Poly - IVER2 AUV
    • Rutgers REMUS AUV
  • Ships: Arabella booked for the entire week 11/2
  • Operational numerical models (see also numerical models detail page)
    • JPL ROMS
    • Rutgers Espresso ROMS (John W, Julia)
    • UMass Dartmouth (Avijit, details)
    • MIT MSEAS (Pierre/Wayne, details)
    • Stevens Ocean Model
    • UNC Ocean Model
  • OSSE Data Portal: Operated by JPL (YI, Peggy), based on JPL OurOceanPortal
  • Shore side planning: JPL (Steve, David T) Waypoint and mission planning and simulation (see OSSE technology integration)


Day Week 1
Rugers (Oscar)
JPL (Yi/Peggy)
JPL (Steve/David)
MIT (Arjuna/Henrik)
UCSD (Michael)
11/2 Monday
2pm ET Kick-Off Telecon
Week 1 is for setup and AUV operations. Participants are flying in and getting familiar with the operations and command&control infrastructure at the Rutgers COOL room and the Tuckerton field station.
  At JPL
11/3 Tuesday 2pm ET Ops Meeting
First glider tasking
At Rutgers
  At JPL Arrive Tuckerton
At Rutgers
11/4 Wednesday 2pm ET Ops Meeting Dockside AUV preparation and ship time off Tuckerton NJ. In bay close to field station
  At JPL On ships
11/5 Thursday 2pm ET Ops Meeting Ship time off Tuckerton, NJ towards LEO15 cable. AUV deployments
    At JPL On ship
In transit
11/6 Friday 2pm ET Ops Meeting       At JPL Return to MIT
Day Week 2
11/9 Monday 2pm ET Ops Meeting Week 2's focus is on numerical model integration, gliders and shore-side glider operation.
    At JPL    
11/10 Tuesday 2pm ET Ops Meeting     Travel
At JPL    
11/11 Wednesday
OOI Community Meeting Day 1
The OOI community meeting in Baltimore is one of the first big outreach mechanisms of the OOI program since construction start. OOI project scientists and community members will be discussing the OOI and science goals. This is a good opportunity for the OSSE team to show technology integration and a community deployment.
In Baltimore
At JPL    
11/12 Thursday 2pm ET Ops Meeting
OOI Community Meeting Day 2
Oscar and Yi are presenting the OSSE at the OOI community meeting

There will be a live demo of glider tasking and a booth connected to the Rutgers COOL room to follow the OSSE demo.
In Baltimore
At JPL    
11/13 Friday 2pm ET Debrief Telecon
      At JPL    

Command and Control


Email lists:

  • OSSE group: ciossegroup AT (use this list during the OSSE deployment to communicate with the group)
  • Wider OSSE modelers list: ciossemodelers AT

A daily telecon via WebEx at 2pm ET (11am PT) will be held to discuss the current state of the deployment, any available input data and to decide on the deployment for the following 24 hours.

WebEx call-in details:

Topic: CI OSSE Telecon (Meisinger/Dean)
Date: Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, from Monday, November 2, 2009 to Friday, November 13, 2009
Time: 11:00 am, Pacific Standard Time (GMT -08:00, San Francisco)
Meeting Number: 554 069 093
Meeting Password: Osse12
Call-in toll-free number (US/Canada): 866-469-3239
Call-in toll number (US/Canada): 1-650-429-3300
Global call-in numbers:

Blogs site: Rutgers I-COOL

Community site: operated by Rutgers University is a good place for social interaction. Please register and create your own account and edit your profile.

Twitter: Please follow OOI_OSSE

Facebook: Account to follow


Daily telecons will be held during the two weeks of the OSSE deployment (see WebEx dial-in information above) at 2pm ET, 11am PT every weekday. Everyone is invited to participate in these telecons. The telecons provide an opportunity to discuss current OSSE status and to decide on the next actions.

 The figure below shows an initial flow of data into a shore side command & control infrastructure (to be updated during the OSSE)

Planning and Decision Meetings

See Meeting page

Glider Mission Planning

Glider Mission Planning Notes

Data Portal and Data Sets

Central Data Portal (integrates and assimilated external data sources): OSSE Data Portal

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