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Welcome to the Planning and Prosecution Subsystem Page

This is the home page for the Planning and Prosecution (P&P) subsystem and Integrated Product Team. It consolidates all the development effort for this subsystem. This page will serve as the home page for all releases of this subsystem.


Name Org Status Role
Balasuriya, Arjuna MIT active Designer
Chien, Steve JPL pending Designer
Katz, Ian MIT active (in S&A thru R2.1) Developer
Meisinger, Michael UCSD active/part time Architect lead
Schmidt, Henrik MIT active Designer
Yaari, Alon MIT active/part time Developer

About the OOICI Planning and Prosecution Subsystem

The Planning and Prosecution Subsystem Services provide the services together with the standard models for the management of stateful and taskable resources. It provides controller processes with the semantics to monitor and control the operating state of an active resource as well as to initiate, monitor and amend tasks being carried out by a taskable resource. The managed resource is required to present its operational state and declare its governance context. Central applications of the Planning and Prosecution services network are to provide observatory and observation mission (campaign) planning and prosecution. Such activities include to carry out simultaneous coordinated multi-objective observations across the resources of the observatory. Further activities include event-response behaviors and the interface with autonomous vehicle resources.

Introduction to the PP Subsystem

The Introduction to the PP Subsystem provides an overview of this subsystem.

As additional background, we have produced a CI Technical Elements Overview for General Audiences and document.

Subsystem Objectives

Release 3 Objectives

(see also R3 PP Construction Plan)

  • Establish the subsystem team
  • Define core visions, constraints and designs precisely in the architecture specification
  • Determine viable and flexible strategy for integrating existing planning and prosecution tools
  • Design a flexible, scalable and extensible framework for real-time mission planning and prosecution
    • Prepare for a more extensive integration architecture in Release 4
  • Utilize external tools for creating and connecting mission plans
  • Execute mission plans in connected and disconnected platforms
  • Integrate PP services with underlying SA services (device command and control) and underlying DM services (data modeling) based on a defined system service interface


We produced an CI Technical Elements Overview for General Audiences, which may be useful to appreciate the overall context of this system.

Requirements Development

Architectural Background

The System Engineering section of this wiki contains the P&P subsystem architectural materials.

Development and Implementation Progress

Release 3

The evolving list of tasks is on this Google spreadsheet.


References and Reading


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