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This page contains interesting SQL statements and expressions for working with Postgres

Select statements

OOINet resources selects

Standard resource queries

Temporal/vertical range selects:

OOI geospatial selects

See also

Association traversal

Traversal with association id path:

Traversal with association id path and cycle detection:

Resource find based on graph search:



JSON selects

Inserting a number of test rows into a table

Working with JSON functions and indexes



JSON functions and indexes:

Working with indexes

Index functions

Note: the json data type is not indexable in Postgres 9.3 use operators that covert the result to text instead (e.g. ->>, #>>, json_extract_path_text


  • A GIN index is an index for keys within collections (e.g. keys contained in arrays). It's efficient when the same keys occur in multiple collections
  • Functional indexes can be created on IMMUTABLE functions. You can declare own functions calling built in functions as IMMUTABLE
  • Postgres 9.3 JSON query functions are IMMUTABLE

Analyzing index use


Working with PSQL

Describe a table schema:

Working with Databases

To export a database:

To restore the database to this state:

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