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Links to Acceptance Scenarios by Release

The Use Cases from the different releases may be found here:

Summary Table

The following table summarizes all the acceptance scenarios.

AS.R2.01 A Day in the Life-OOI ObservatoriesPerform routine activities to operate and maintain OOI's marine and integrated observatories
AS.R2.01X Manage InstrumentationPerform needed instrument operations from conception through decommissioning
AS.R2.02 Perform OOI Maintenance CruiseEnable cruise operations to maintain and support OOI marine assets
AS.R2.02X Acquire Science Data ProductExecute data processes from ingest, through processing, discovery, and download
AS.R2.03 Integrate OOI with External ModelRequest data set acquisition, obtain data set notification, implement data receiver, subscribe to updates, process asynchronously, share model output
AS.R2.04 Create Core Data ProductConfigure system to generate core data product from source data sets
AS.R2.04B Curate Data Products

All of the steps to curate OOI core data products, data products from external providers, and additional science data products are detailed

AS.R2.05X Manage Marine Observatory and AssetsDefine an observatory, define roles and policies, assign assets and their policies, begin operations
AS.R2.06X Manage Integrated Observatory NetworkManage resources, including users, organizations, processes, data, and policies
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