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This Product Description for Release 1 contains a set of scenarios that describe intended functionality of the CI in the scope of the Release 1 deliverable. For more information about this content, please see the Product Description overview page.

Release 1 Browser Support

In Release 1, the following browser list will be supported:

  • IE 8, IE 9 on Windows 7
  • Firefox 3.6.19, Firefox 5 on Windows 7, Mac OS X 6 & 7, and Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Chrome 12, Chrome 13, on Windows 7, Mac OS X 6 & 7
  • Chrome 12 on Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Safari 5.x on Mac OS X 6 & 7

Note that no support will be guaranteed if browser add-ons are utilized.

Columns Unique to Release 1

r1uc-in-scope: This use case is in scope for delivery with the Release 1 milestone, with a high degree of fidelity.

r1uc-in-scope-acceptable: This use case is in scope for delivery with the Release 1 milestone, with an acceptable degree of fidelity.

r1uc-out-scope: This use case is not in the scope of Release 1. This use case may be worked on in experimental status.

R1 Use Case List

R1 Product Description Use Cases r1uc-in-scope r1uc-in-scope-acceptable r1uc-out-scope Work Team Description
UC.R1.01 Hello User uncheck check check ucteam-coi User gets an ID and logs in
UC.R1.02 Hello Instrument check uncheck check ucteam-sa Instrument gets an ID and is hooked up
UC.R1.03 Hello Data Source uncheck check check ucteam-sa Data source is registered and connected
UC.R1.04 Ingest and Describe Data uncheck check check ucteam-dm Externally provided data read and distributed
UC.R1.05 Synchronize State Data check uncheck check ucteam-coi Synchronize state in distributed data store
UC.R1.06 Distribute Data Product uncheck check check ucteam-dm Data made available to many consumers
UC.R1.07 Subscribe To Data check uncheck check ucteam-dm User finds data, asks for update notifications
UC.R1.08 Persist Streamed Data check uncheck check ucteam-dm Store streamed data for given period of time
UC.R1.09 Discover Resource uncheck check check ucteam-dm User searches for resources meeting criteria
UC.R1.10 Define Interaction check check uncheck ucteam-coi Describe pattern of interaction between actors
UC.R1.11 Define New Service check check uncheck ucteam-coi Add new service to system capabilities
UC.R1.12 Annotate Data check check uncheck ucteam-dm Information or description is added to resource
UC.R1.13 Transform Data check check uncheck ucteam-dm Data process produces new data from old
UC.R1.14 Use Service Anywhere uncheck check check ucteam-coi Messages go to services wherever they are
UC.R1.15 Put Services Anywhere uncheck check check ucteam-cei Allocate services where need is greatest
UC.R1.16 Scale the Processing check uncheck check ucteam-cei Increase processing quickly to meet demand
UC.R1.17 Replicate Service uncheck check check ucteam-cei Configure service once, deploy many times
UC.R1.18 Command An Instrument check uncheck check ucteam-sa Send typical commands to specific instrument
UC.R1.19 Direct Instrument Access check check uncheck ucteam-sa Directly communicate with instrument
UC.R1.20 Command A Resource uncheck check check ucteam-ipaa Send typical commands to specific resource
UC.R1.21 Derive Data Product Externally uncheck check check ucteam-eoi Provide data unified from many sources
UC.R1.22 Present as Catalog check check uncheck ucteam-dm Present organized set of resources externally.
UC.R1.23 Put to External Repository check check uncheck ucteam-eoi Send data to repository outside this system
UC.R1.24 Version A Resource check check uncheck ucteam-dm Resource is supplanted by changed version
UC.R1.25 Assure Reliability uncheck check check ucteam-cei Computer fails, messages resent, work resumes
UC.R1.26 Virtualize Everything uncheck check check ucteam-cei Virtual processes embody all system services
UC.R1.27 Configure Access Page check check uncheck ucteam-ux Configure user's web page that accesses ION
UC.R1.28 Operate System uncheck check check ucteam-cei Configure system and respond to requests
UC.R1.29 Monitor System check uncheck check ucteam-cei Anticipate issues using monitoring tools
UC.R1.30 Troubleshoot System uncheck check check ucteam-ux Diagnose issues using logs, feeds, tools
UC.R1.31 Assert Access Policy uncheck check check ucteam-coi Define access policy for given resource
UC.R1.32 Conduct Negotiation check check uncheck ucteam-coi Negotiate agreement (or not) between agents
UC.R1.33 Enroll in an Org check check uncheck ucteam-coi Enter as a member into an Organization (Org)
UC.R1.34 Share an Org Resource check check uncheck ucteam-coi Collaborate with Org member offering a resource
UC.R1.35 Share Affiliated Orgs' Resources check check uncheck ucteam-coi Orgs form a contract to allow resource sharing
UC.R1.36 Create an Org check check uncheck ucteam-coi Create an Organization (Org) with defined characteristics


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