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This Product Description for Release 2 contains the set of use cases (scenarios) that describe intended functionality of the Integrated Observatory Network in the scope of the Release 2 deliverable from a user's point of view. This scope is in addition to the Release 1 scope. For more information about this content, please see the Product Description overview page.

We have created a table containing the Release 2 Use Cases. Their key features are summarized at the Release 2 Use Case Features Summary.

The list of Release 1 use cases can be found in the Release 1 Product Description.

The contractual scope assigned to Release 2 in the OOI Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) is laid out in the CI Construction Plan for Release 2.

Release 2 User Themes and Features

User Themes and Users

Primary Themes:

  • End-to-end control of data collection and data product generation,
  • and advanced control of managed instruments and platforms,
  • supporting OOI Marine Observatory instrument providers and operators,
  • and data product generation algorithm developers.

Secondary Themes:

  • Expanded data manipulation, analysis, and visualization tools for observational data consumers.
  • Prototyping advanced features including ION interfaces for handheld devices (smartphones, tablet devices) for select users.


Feature Categories

The release includes features in the following major categories:

  • Operate Marine Observatories
  • Operate Platforms and Instruments
  • Manage Instrument Lifecycle
  • Test and Troubleshoot Instruments
  • Acquire Data and Generate Data Products
  • Search Data
  • Visualize Data
  • Manage Taskable Resources
  • Expand Core Services
  • Manage the Integrated Observatory Network
  • Mobile Delivery Prototyping

Release 2 Use Cases

The Use Cases explicitly assert the scope of work to be achieved in Release 2. Each Use Case is traced (in DOORS) to CI L4 requirements enabling the use case.

For a status of the use case development, see Release 2 Use Case Status and Details.

The detailed list of use cases is available directly at

Release 2 Acceptance Scenario List

The Acceptance Scenarios explicitly assert the range of capabilities to be achieved in Release 2. Each Use Case is traced (within the Use Case) to the Acceptance Scenarios that use it, and each Scenario references the use cases required for its completion. Each Acceptance Scenario is described sufficiently to provide concrete, end-to-end, domain-specific details about the operation of the Release 2 system.

Release 2 User Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

The OOI CI strategy for engaging its users and stakeholders is central to successful refinement of the Product Description. The CI User and Stakeholder Engagement Strategic Plan lays out our strategy and plans for interacting with stakeholders and prospective users to guide and shape the CI during its creation. It discusses user and stakeholder engagement around user-facing features and emphasizes plans for Release 2.

Release 2 System Architecture

An architectural description of the Release 2 scope is provided by the OOI CI Architecture and Design, specifically in the CIAD AV Transition to Operations and CIAD AV Scope Release 2 pages. The architectural components and services are designed early during Release 2 to satisfy the Product Description Use Cases.

The following diagram from the Transition to Operations illustrates the components to be developed in this second release, relative to the components that were present in the first release.

Release 2 Browser Support

This section is draft, pending final review

In Release 2, the following browser list will be supported:

  • IE 10 on Windows 7
  • Firefox 13 & 14 on Windows 7, Mac OS 10.6 & 10.7, and Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Chrome 19 & 20 on Windows 7, Mac OS 10.6 & 10.7, and Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Safari 5.x on Mac OS 10.6 & 10.7

More recent versions may also be supported as they are released, if they do not require significant software modifications. CI intends to support all the common operating system/browser/browser version combinations, consistent with available resources.

The choices above were based on CI browser survey responses and the July 2012 monthly browser version data from StatCounter.

Note that support can not be guaranteed if browser add-ons are utilized.


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