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This page references various documents that provide product specification information for the Cyberinfrastructure.

Requirements and other Artifacts

The OOI Cyberinfrastructure requirements are maintained in DOORS (originally, Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System, now an IBM product) by the CI System Engineer and the Consortium for Ocean Leadership. A copy of the on-line requirements is archived to the Alfresco, the OOI document management system. If you have an OOI account, you can directly download these documents.

Links to the Requirements and other artifacts are maintained for each life cycle review. For example, see R2 LCA Materials.

Product Specification

The formal CI Product Specification may be found at CI Product Specification, in the CI Product Management space.

Product Description

The Product Description contains a set of use cases and scenarios that outline basic uses of the system, with respect to behaviors that are visible to the users of the system.

The Product Description is maintained online at Product Description.


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