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This page describes the demo that first was established for LCA August 2010.

This demo contains a web frontend that provides instrument management and data processing functions in prototypical form. The web frontend is based on the Grails platform. All functions are implemented fully architecturally, with messages exchanged between the web frontend, the controller services, the registry services (persistence layer) and the instrument agents.


  • lcaarch GIT respository, develop branch
    • cd lcaarch
    • git checkout develop
    • mkvirtualenv lcademo
    • ant clean
    • ant install (to install the dependencies; repeat at least twice until done)
  • ooici-pres GIT repository,  master branch (git clone
    • cd ooici-pres


  • sysname set to "MYNAME" in ooici-pres/grails-app/services/ooici/pres/LcademoService.groovy and on startup of twistd
  • broker host set to "" in ooici-pres/grails-app/services/ooici/pres/BootstrapIONService.groovy and on startup of twistd


C1: Web UI (Grails), started from ooici-pres dir

Use a web browser and access http://localhost:8080

Username "admin" password "admin"

C2: Main services container, started from lcaarch dir

This container hosts the core services, such as agent registry, instrument management, instrument registry, data product registry, service registry etc.
Note: is the same as but with the pubsub services not activated (so that they can be in C3).

C3: Pubsub services container (with started consumers), started from lcaarch dir

This one hosts the pubsub service and pubsub registry. It will also host all the consumer processes for subscriptions.

C4: Visualization process in container, started from lcaarch dir

Creates a subscription to the topic prefix "Inst/RAW", which is the prefix of the topics of all instrument agents.

Note: Don't start before one instrument agent is started and commanded to start sampling.

Opens a visualization web server on http://localhost:8180


  1. Start containers C1, C2, C3
  2. Login to web UI (admin/admin)
  3. View all instruments: should show 2
  4. Add new instrument. Will only have an agent if model is SBE49
  5. Add new data source for an instrument. Note: there is nothing done with this declaration in this demo.
  6. Start instrument agent for "Demo_CTD_1"
  7. Get status for "Demo_CTD_1"
  8. Command instrument for "Demo_CTD_1": start
  9. Start C4. Go to http://localhost:8180 . A graph should appear
  10. Command instrument for "Demo_CTD_1": stop
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