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Release 1 Elaboration 2 Design Workshop: May 3-5, 2010

This workshop will focus on design for the second iteration of the Release 1 Elaboration phase of NSF's Ocean Observatories Initiative Cyberinfrastructure project (OOI CI). We are holding a two-and-a-half day designer/developer meeting in San Diego to initiate this effort. This page contains the information you'll need to attend this workshop.


  • Date: May 3-5, 2010 (Travel on May. 2 or 3, 2010 - start 2 PM Monday)
  • Location: Atkinson Hall (CalIT2) at UCSD
    • Monday pm: 6006
    • Tuesday am/pm: 6006
    • Wednesday am: 4004
    • Wednesday pm: 5004
  • Duration: 2.5 days (2:00 pm on Monday to 5:00 pm on Wednesday)
  • Logistics
  • Participants:


Day 3 (Wednesday 5/5)

Morning Meetings

These meetings are in breakout sessions.

  • 0800-0900PDT: COI and Governance next steps (Michael, Dorian, Stephen, Munindar, Kartik)
  • 1030-1115PDT: COI and DM next steps (Michael, Stephen, Dorian, David, Paul H., Ilya, Chris)
  • 0900-0945PDT: COI and CEI next steps (Stephen, Tim, Kate, Alex)
  • 0945-1030PDT: COI and S&A/IPAA next steps (Stephen, Michael, Dorian, Arjuna, Steve F.)
  • 1115-1200PDT: [DM-COI Technical Details] discussion (David, Michael, Stephen, Ilya?)

Afternoon Meetings

  • 1300-1400PDT: [COI and CEI next steps (Stephen, Michael, Tim, Kate, Alex) {rescheduled}
  • 1400-1445PDT: [COI-SA-DM Repositories-Registries] discussion
  • 1500-1700PDT

These meetings will be with everyone, including developers.

Time Discussion Leader Facilitator Topic Description
30m Stephen & Dorian John Model for using Git
15m John Michael Path to LCA
30m John Michael Notional LCA Integrated Demonstration (first notions)
15m John Stephen List of development issues (current status, tasks)
30m John Matt | Michael Open discussion: issues, next steps, ...
  • ?: Agents discussion (All hands?)

Agenda Day 2 (Tuesday 5/4)

The agenda for day 2 has been reversed morning for afternoon. This page now reflects the latest agenda and meetings.

Morning Meetings

These meetings are in breakout sessions. The nominal times have been filled in as sequential meetings since attendance overlaps - Michael Dorian and Stephen are listed for ALL meetings!

  • 0900-0930PTD: Planning
  • 0930-1130PDT COI and CEI next steps (Kate, Tim, Alex, Stephen, Michael, Dorian)
  • 0930-1130PDT: DM and S&A next steps (David, Michael, Arjuna, Steve F.)
  • 1130-1200PDT: LCAARCH: Demo/walkthrough of LCAARCH software

1330 PM: Design Experts & Leads

All topics are discussion topics.

  • Discussion of Backgrounds/What is Your Passion (5 min each)
  • LCA Plan (JohnG, Michael)
  • Iteration processes: summary and discussion (JohnG, Michael)
  • Subsystem roles and definitions (JohnG, Matt)

Evening Activities

Dinner will be served at Scripps at 6:15, location to be circulated via email.

(Any post-dinner activities are on your own, consistent with the need for brainpower Wednesday morning.)

Agenda Day 1 (Monday 5/3 2pm - 6pm: Development Environment & Collaboration

 See Action Items and Meeting Notes!

The following table outlines topics for discussion. These discussions will not be formal presentations — the leaders are responsible for providing some material content or demonstration. The facilitator keeps the discussion on track.

The goals in this session are to (a) reach maximum possible common understanding of our development environment; (b) identify any issues or actions we need to sort out in that environment; (c) consolidate our understanding in documentation on Confluence.

Time Discussion Leader Facilitator Topic Description
30m Paul Stephen Development environment tools and discussion based on the Dev Tutorial Page
20m Paul Stephen Documentation (Doxygen) and Style Guide (PEP8)
20m Dorian Stephen Components overview (carrot, rabbitmq, magnet, twisted, ...)
15m Michael John Need and strategy for core sequence diagrams
45m Michael & Paul Stephen Walk through LCAArch, showing development process (tricks, issues, and style tips to work together more smoothly
15m Stephen & Dorian Michael Repository structure: organizing code as we start developing
20m John tbd Git collaboration model: Centralized, Integration-Manager, Dictator-Lietenants
20m tbd John Github evaluation

We will take a 15 minute break mid-afternoon, and go as late as (? 6 PM ?). This leaves room in the schedule for additional issues, extended discussion or break out into smaller groups.

Preparation Materials and Templates

We'll present informally using our laptops. No templates required.

Presentations and Workshop Materials

If you have a presentation, please attach it to this page and link it from the agenda above. Feel free to use a series of web pages or other documentation if that works better.

Workshop Results

Will be summarized using Etherpad as we go along. We encourage everyone to take notes on the common Etherpad; at a minimum put your key issues and questions.

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