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Review scope suggested for Design work

  • Does the summary material clearly explain the work done? Is there enough context to understand the work done?
  • How does this work relate to your work and your subsystem? What ideas or tools can you apply to your work?
  • What issues in the content (Word, Jira, code) should be addressed, either now or sometime?
  • What interesting insights, suggestions, or thoughts can you offer for the developer to consider?

Volunteer Reviewers (sign up here)

  • I need to work with the Resource Registry stuff at some point soon, so Im happy to write up some review comments as I go through (or do a crucible thing). - Steve Foley
  • I can take anything that needs reviewing. - Dorian Raymer
  • Ditto - Paul Hubbard
  • Ditto - John Graybeal

Suggested Review Areas

Each senior developer is requested to enter their name, topic, and a URL to subject matter to review.

Name Topic URL Reviewer
John Graybeal still thinking... ?
Steve Foley Instrument Agent code;a=tree;f=ion/agents/instrumentagents;h=d2847c5895cb12a7fc42fe4b5dd7a69926e95ac6;hb=HEAD ?
David Stuebe Irods AMI & Installation See Matt R, Docs in progress Alex C ?
David Stuebe DM Services + pydap See LcaArch & Paul H S&A,COI?
David Stuebe Resource Registry Service LcaArch & David & Dorian ?
Stephen Pasco Java OSGi implementation Start Here ?
Stephen Pasco Presentation framework Start Here ?
Tim Freeman Bootstrap walkthrough Bootstrapping Capability Container plus Services
Michael (already has been looking in my understanding)
Tim Freeman Decision Engine README and samples Start with engine guide in the context of the CEI design document ?
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  1. Jun 15, 2010

    Paul Hubbard says:

    See for documentation, tutorial and ...

    See for documentation, tutorial and videos of the Crucible product we use for code reviews.

    Our install of Crucible is at