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Topic: Release 2 Weekly Forum
Date: 2011.07.06
Time: 0900 Pacific Time 
Webex Mtg Info (requires OOI login):

Minutes are archived to Confluence at the above URL.

  • Feedback: Questions, Issues, Discussion
  • This week's input: R2I2 tasks
  • Review/Discussion of reading assignment  (Quiz!)

  • Tim Ampe
  • Manish Anand
  • Matt Arrott
  • Arjuna Balasuriya
  • Rita Bauer
  • Alan Chave
  • Jamie Chen
  • Duane Edgington
  • Carolanne Fisher
  • Tim Freeman
  • John Graybeal
  • Stephen Henrie
  • Kohei Honda 
  • Susanne Jul
  • Kate Keahey
  • Carolyn Keen
  • Maurice Manning
  • Michael Meisinger
  • Tom O'Reilly
  • Cheryl Peach
  • Bill Pritchett
  • Carlos Rueda
  • Brian Schlining
  • Munindar Singh
  • Adam Smith
  • Karen Stocks
  • David Stuebe
  • Kelly Tucker
  • Frank Vernon
  • Alon Yaari
  • Ilya Zaslavsky

Action Items:
  • Meeting in SD in 6 weeks for all Design experts


Kate's status: was  communicated last week via e-mail.  Wants to understand better the scope  for R2 and better align the use cases.  How did you feel the 1st  iteration went?  Lesson learned?  Process improvements?  The last meeting we agreed that we would need a lot of meeting with Stephen and Michael.  We need to get the definative R2 Scope.  It seems to Kate a reasonable process at this point.
Carolanne: Anything you can add?  Tech issues
Any other comments or questions?  No.  
We are consistently under represented by the design experts on this call.  Are there any suggestions on how to make this call more productive?  Matthew: it would be my expectation that we should be going through status of the task list.  If we focus on things that people actually have to get done, will provide value to the call.  Kate miss a call since the call's began.  It seems to be an issue to get the Designers to attend this call.  We need to worry less about subjects about how did we get to this point and focus on tasks that are define and need to be delivered.  We are where we are and we have questions that need to be answered so we can make our delivery date.  

This week's input: R2I2 Tasks- defining the tasks
We are to deliver at the end of this week a description of the tasks that we will deliver for this iteration.  Michael will talk to the  completion status and discuss getting those task lists done:  Content perspective ,very sub-system specific.  Maurice for DM and SA; We are putting the names next to tasks and the effort required.  We are giving an idea of what we would expect in the out come will be (deliverables).  expect to have them completed today and reviewed with each team by Friday.   Michael COI - creation of dleiverables for LCO, related to workshops and prototypes.  Most of the task created; over arching tasks (most effort), prototypes with assistance of Architecture team, Capability container with governance issues.

CI- over arching task w/ tasks for Prototypes.  
The task list are very deliverable driven we assign each task to a person with a duration, so we do not over allocate effort and make sure the tasks are achievable.  Is the Architecture team having good communication/connections with the Design teams?  Yes, the connections are good.  Maurice is going to have John G review the tasks list and then meet with each team.  Not sure how to handle it if he can not make contact with the design experts.  
John G is in reasonable shape for product management.  Carolanne has UX tasks, John and Carolanne will meet with John later today to review the tasks lists.

Review of Reading Assignment
Please click on the link and take the test that is located there.  It should only take a few minutes. 

Quiz link:
There are 3 quiz's - the main topic (quiz)  is Life Cycle Resources
If anyone has questions on the quiz please ask.  We are all going to be in SD in 6 weeks, people should start making the arrangements and making the requests for that.  
Please let John know if there has been any tech issues with the quiz.  

System design background review
Quiz link:

Communications This Week
  • R2I1 successfully wrapped up, many thanks to all
  • Initial scenarios complete for all use cases; extensive review under way

Information about the workshop?  John would like Matthew to review the list.  There are 6; MBARI next week. Data product generation.  This week there is not a workshop; some of the future week workshops are more internal team meetings.

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