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A summary of the deliverables for Release 2 Inception 1.

Deliverables Status

Deliverable Name Priority Lead Status Product(s)
R2 Use Cases Highest John Graybeal Final update/review Product Description Release 2 (PDF)
Product Specification Highest Susanne Jul Completed (template) CI Product Specification (PDF)
Architectural Specification Highest Michael Meisinger Updated (export completed) 2130-00003 Architecture Specification (Confluence pages, PDF),
R2 Architecture Specification (HTML, PDF diagrams)
Prototype Proposals Highest Michael Meisinger Completed Prototyping (red star for selected ones)
R2 I1 Task Lists High John Graybeal R2I1 Google Docs Task List capture in PDF
R2 I2 Task List
  • prototypes
  • workshops
  • high-level designs
  • use cases
  • requirements
  • Elaboration plan
  • collect and assess risks
High John Graybeal Google docs Tasks updated Task List capture in PDF
Workshop Proposals High John Graybeal Completed Release 2 Workshop Proposal Analysis
Technology List Medium Michael Meisinger Updated (needs developer review in R2I2) Technology List (PDF)
Risk Items Medium Alan Chave Complete Report of identified risks (PDF / Word)

Wrap Up Meeting Action Items

Item Lead Result(s)
Storyboards for I2 Prototypes Michael Meisinger one page per prototype
R2 Summary for Developers Tim A, John G, Michael M held 6/29; see Presentations below
Design Expert References:
Critical Background Reading
John G, Susanne J in progress; initial list on today's forum Etherpad
What is a data stream? Michael Meisinger Prototype planned
Scheduling R2I2 Wrapup Meeting John G, Rita planning initiated
Lessons Summary John Graybeal pending
Risk Assessment of Service Areas Alan Chave if needed, can build from Risk Items


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