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This is the summary and parent page of the OOI Network (ION) Scope-To-Complete milestones

List of Deliverables

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List of Milestones

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PageDeliverable IDDevelopment TeamDevelopment OwnerDevelopersReleaseStatus
M047 IPython Notebook ION Service IntegrationD017Data ProcessingM. ManningL. Campbell, R. SinghR3Activated
M086 Data Calibration ManagementD041Data ProcessingM. ManningL. CampbellR3Activated
M087 Data processing workflow managementD041Data ProcessingM. ManningL. Campbell, R. SinghR3Activated
M088 Data QC managementD041Data ProcessingM. ManningL. CampbellR3Activated
M112 Geospatial SearchD053Data ProcessingM. ManningB. McKennaR3Done
M192 Subscription ServiceD069Data ProcessingM. ManningM. ManningR3Done
M101 Marine Device OperationsD045Device ManagementE. HunterE. Hunter, B. FratantonioR3Activated
M105 Notification PersonalizationD046Device ManagementE. HunterSeman SaidR3Activated
M142 Agent Framework IntegrationD064Device ManagementE. HunterB. FrenchR3Activated
M100 Marine Device ActivationD045Device ManagementE. HunterE. HunterR3Done
M193 Deployment and Station Management ServiceD044Device ManagementE. HunterR3Pending
M137 Instrument Device Test CapabilitiesD064Device ManagementE. HunterR3Pending
M151 Dataset Agent FrameworkD086Device ManagementE. HunterR3Pending
M166 PostgreSQL data storeD073Distributed OSM. MeisingerM. MeisingerR3Activated
M155 Resource Operations FrameworkD071Distributed OSM. MeisingerM. MeisingerR3Done
M156 Schema VersioningD073Distributed OSM. MeisingerP. KediyalR3Done
M185 Non-web-UI user agent supportD076Distributed OSM. MeisingerM. MeisingerR3Done
M184 Integrate and revise message security and certificationD076Distributed OSM. MeisingerUnidentifiedR3On Hold
M153 Exchange Framework ExtensionD076Distributed OSM. MeisingerD. Foster, M. MeisingerR3Pending Integration
M058 OGC web services suite integrationD024ExternalizationM. ArrottAndy Bird, Jim CaseR3Activated
M059 DAP IntegrationD027ExternalizationM. ArrottJim Case, Andy BirdR3Activated
M114 Coverage Model IntegrationD057ExternalizationM. ArrottCasey BryantR3Activated
M030 Marine Asset TrackingD082ExternalizationM. ArrottR3Activated
M057 OGC External data catalog cross-referencingD025ExternalizationM. ArrottJim Case, Andy BirdR3Active
M117 Multi Source CoverageD057ExternalizationM. ArrottR3Pending
R3 UIUser InterfaceRose-Marie GonzalezPeter Rosti and Greg KourupesR3In Development

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Engineering Process

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Integration and Verification plan

The integration and verification process is documented here:


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