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This page identifies common issues and identifies processes to correct them.

Release 2 Frequently Asked Questions

Instrument Agent doesn't respond (get capabilities shows empty)
This usually indicates that the agent is hung due to a failure in the port agent. The next time the agent tries to command the driver and the driver attempts to write to the port agent it hangs.
To correct this situation, do the following:

1) Turn on Developer tools in google and navigate to the instrument device command page for the agent that is hung.
2) In the "Console" tab in the google developer tools, type MODEL_DATA and enter.
3) Expand the resulting object structure and expand the "agent_instance": Object structure
4) Take the ION process id listed in the "agent_process_id" field and perform the following command on it to terminate it
5) (Fill in the correct gateway address, and process_id)
6) Then, take the id of the agent_instance object (the _id field) and null out the associated agent_process_id field in couch to allow the UI to restart the agent. You do this by using the locating the following screen in bigcouch. Set it to null and save document.

8) Now, refresh the Instrument Device Command page, restart the agent and continue.

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