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This analysis is a draft under internal review, as of Monday morning.

Summary of Analysis

The following list resulted from applying the methodology below to our workshop lists. Each list is prioritized most important first, though in the second list the drop-off is minor, and the remaining workshops are not necessarily less valuable.

Selected workshops for Release 2 Inception

Workshop Subsystems
Form Status
Scientific Feature Types
DM external workshop meeting
postponed Part of the workshop goals were accomplished by the Data Modeling Workshop
Data Product Generation
internal workshop meeting completed this workshop was very encompassing and included designers and developers from all subsystems
CEI and DM integration
internal work meeting series partially completed
Resource Life-Cycle
COI with CEI, DM internal work meeting series
Develop ION Services with COI components
COI selected work meeting series partially completed  
Visualization Framework
AS internal work meeting series postponed Part of the workshop goals were accomplished by the Data Modeling Workshop
Workshop on GridFields and Scientific Data Modeling
external site visit
This workshop was planned during the iteration

Higher Priority External and Selected workshops

Higher Priority Internal Workshops

  • Instrument Driver Development Expectations (SA)
  • Java Capability Container Framework (COI)
  • DCL Platform Integration (SA)
  • Python Training (developers)

Other "Non-Workshop" Sessions

  • EPE Team Liaison (Done)
  • Resource Life-Cycle Management
  • Semantics UI Components
  • CEI Additional Training
  • CEI Technology Evaluation and Collaboration
  • CEI User Engagement
  • Data Query and Access
  • Real Time Data Streaming in the Presence of Adverse Conditions
  • Scientific Collaboratory Integration
  • CI Interaction Protocols
  • Instrument and Platform Specs with Marine IOs
  • Realizing and Using Conversations

Notes on Remaining Workshops

Data Query and Access has a lot of important material, but is a bit of a mix. Much of it is very much an internal development process (entirely unlikely to be achieved in a day), but there are selected parts that could include selected attendees. This deserves explicit discussion by the DM and Arch leads.

Scientific Collaboratory Integration has a long-lead time and is externally significant, so although it is R2E1 it should receive attention during the next iteration.

CEI User Engagement may be addressed through routine communications and travel.

Semantics UI Components may follow on from the Semantics Query and Integration workshop.

The remaining Internal-Technical workshops may be worth scheduling as a team or multi-team meeting, but do not have to be tracked at this level. The advocates are welcome to organize and get travel approval for these activities on a case-by-case basis.


First, eliminate workshops that are already held or must be held in R2I1.

Then divide the remaining workshops into 2 groups: those that are Internal and Technical, and all others. The ones that are Internal-Technical are for our own purposes, and may be organized with much less effort than those with external participation. They can be prioritized as needed, but presumably the high-priority ones are of greatest urgency.

Of the remaining 10 workshops, the following criteria may be loosely applied:

  • Priority (high, medium, low) is a strong indicator of value.
  • R2E1 workshops are of lower immediate concern, and so are not considered further.
  • Workshops that have external or multi-team participation are of somewhat greater urgency.
  • Workshops of wider scope (User, Operations, Science) are of slightly greater importance.
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